The Complete Guide to Start a Your Meal-Kit Business with UberEats Clone App
May 21, 2024

The first step that one can make towards good health is a good diet. In this fast-moving world, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with a good diet. The proliferation of restaurants and lavish availability of restaurant food through food delivery applications have resulted in a general deterioration of nutritious food intake.

What if the UberEats Clone on-demand business model could be made to work towards a healthy diet? We have seen how this business model has revolutionized almost every possible service, including but not limited to transportation, food, grocery, medicines, handyman services, and even personal grooming and pet care. With so much leeway to capitalize on, the opportunity in this segment is surely promising and lucrative.

Introducing meal kit delivery

This presents not just an alternative but a never-before-thought-of perspective on food consumption. The reason for the rapid growth of food delivery on demand is the assumption that people do not have the time and energy to cook at home. However, this particular type of business aims to explore the market of people who can cook but would want some direction and assistance in making their meal healthy and complete.

Why choose meal kit delivery?

There might be a lot of health enthusiasts who might not have the acumen it requires to find the perfect quantity of raw ingredients for the meal that they prepare. The meal kit is targeted at these cooking amateurs who are committed to their dietary allowances.

The business model of meal kit

What distinguishes this meal from your regular restaurant order is that you know for a fact that every ingredient is fresh… Not by blind assurance but by sight!

With the right experts, it is quite possible that the meal kit can be customized and designed in such a way that it is compliant with the macronutrient requirements of the user.

Revenue Generation

Needless to say, the first and foremost channel of revenue is the profit that the company can gain from the meal kit. When the competition is limited, and when you have a considerable degree of monopoly, you can fix prices without much hesitation. However, when the competition becomes intense, competitive pricing is an inevitable consequence. At this point in time, when not many players are in this field of UberEats Clone app business, the revenue from these meal kits is expected to contribute a considerable chunk.

Today, the meal kit platform is dependent on chefs who will not only design the meal kit but also share the secrets of the raw ingredients. However, when the platform starts to gain popularity, the equation is bound to get reversed. You can charge a franchise fee from a chef who would want to enroll in your meal kit service business.

What are the essential components?

Menu: The menu is supposed to be the main feature of your website or mobile app. You can either choose to have a weekly menu if you have everything planned, or you can also go for the currently available menu in case of uncertainties. While normal food ordering apps feature a menu with just the name of the food item, the meal kit service should feature a menu with high-resolution images and nutritional information.

The ordering interface: The ordering interface should also have options to customize including options to specify the number of people. The ordering option can also feature a reduction of quantity even as a part of a full meal. This opens up possibilities to reduce wastage. Once the menu items/meals have been finalized, the user should be taken to the checkout option, where they can complete their payment using digital payment methods. For this purpose, the UberEats Clone app should be tied up with a versatile payment gateway that can accept multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, and wallets.

Onboarding: All that this business is about is contingent upon customers getting into your website or mobile app. Therefore, the sign-up process should be made as simple as possible. The users should be able to sign up using simple options like email or phone number or legacy credentials like Google and Facebook. Once the user signs up, it should automatically create a profile for the user. The customer profile should include information like the history of orders, the status of the present order, the favorites/preferred meals, and if possible, a referral system that the user can use to invite their friends and earn a reward.

Review and rating system: In the meal kit delivery business, you will be encountering multiple vendors. Therefore, you will need to have a democratic system that can help you assess the quality of meal kits that they provide. This can only be done through a review and rating system. It helps keep vendors committed to a certain threshold of quality that they will not breach.

The features that are described until now are more than enough to get your UberEats Clone app up and running smoothly. However, garnishing your app with a few additional features makes the business and the brand more marketable.

Self-help section: It goes without saying that customer support should make an integral part of your food delivery business. More often than not, customer queries are quite likely to be repetitive. By having an FAQ section, you can ensure that the number of queries that you need to handle remains considerably less. The FAQ section should also feature a search box and an option to ask new questions if they cannot find answers.

Gift cards: Gift cards are bound to be a welcome move, especially for parents whose children stay away from them and are in need of some healthy food. With the growing emphasis on health, it is bound to be an impressive gifting option for friends and near and dear ones.


On the surface, it might seem that the technology behind the app is cumbersome as we have already seen the meal-kit business has all the signs to make use of the skeleton of the UberEats app. Rather than create an app like UberEats, you can make use of the UberEats clone app. A white-label app like UberEats is customizable, and it can be made to constructively suffer certain changes, and that would give you an opportunity to create a meal kit on-demand app.