How You Make Your House Burglar Proof and Enjoy The Security -
May 28, 2024

How You Make Your House Burglar Proof and Enjoy The Security

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“Do you want to make your house burglar proof, but not sure what kind of house can be considered a safe home.”

Nowadays, many people are afraid of burglary because burglars are becoming more and more professional, and any house or apartment can be a burglar’s target.

Securing the house against burglary is also becoming increasingly important in this case. But you may still have a lot of questions in your head: how to protect the home from burglary or what measures make sense? Which burglary protection should you retrofit for your house? And will the costs for this become very high?

Then you are right here! Here we explain how to make your house safe and at the same time give you tips against burglars.

Make your house burglar proof: 8 things you should do

To best protect your home from burglars, we summarize a total of 8 practical tips in this part after researching the suggestions of security experts and interviews with burglars.

Tip 1. Identify your home’s weak points to make your house burglar proof

Before you make your house burglar proof, you first need to check and consider what weak points or security gaps your home has so that it is more evident to you which measures make sense for you and what you should invest in burglary protection.

It is well known that burglars most often enter the house through the door or window. Therefore, secure the front door or apartment door and the ground floor window.

But besides that, there are many other places that you should also pay attention to if you want to make your house theft-proof.

Some basements are still equipped with old wooden doors, which undoubtedly serve as a magnet for burglars. And the basement is usually still covered and dark so that the burglars can potter there,

You also check your balcony doors and patio doors. Some people think that burglars don’t get in from the first floor. This is only child’s play for experienced thieves. So don’t forget to make your balcony doors and patio doors burglar-proof.

Lastly, don’t ignore your garden. There are usually some “climbing aids” for burglars in the garden, e.g., garden furniture, trees, or ladders. And the garden with a fence or bushes can also provide privacy. So that the garden is also a popular target for thieves.

Tip 2. Make your front doors burglar proof

As mentioned above, the front door is always the focus of the burglar. So it is undoubtedly very important for security at home to retrofit your front door or front door with burglary protection first.

There are already many options and a wide selection on the market for burglary protection on doors. You can, for example, retrofit your front door with an additional door lock, security fittings, or electronic door lock so that the front door is better secured against burglary.

But there are some points that you need to consider when buying the burglar alarm for the front door. For example, be sure to pay attention to the resistance classes of the security hardware.

If you want to make your front door burglar-proof with an electronic door lock, find out beforehand about the relative digital technology. In addition, you choose a well-known brand that usually offers high-quality, reliable products.

Tip 3. Make the windows burglar proof

A secure home should also be equipped with burglar-proof windows so that the intruders have no chance to use the windows and gain entry into the house.

But how do you protect the windows from burglary? First, you should completely close every window, including the basement and balcony windows, even though you will only be leaving the house for a short time. For example, you can stick a note on the front door that says, “Close the window!”. This way, you might not forget that windows are always closed when you’re away.

You can also put additional obstacles in the way of burglars so that your house is better protected against burglary. For example, many homeowners retrofit the windows with window fittings, additional locks, or window grilles, which are also effective home security systems against burglary.

Tip 4. Make your garden burglar proof

Garden security also plays a vital role in home security, especially in a family home. If you have a garden, carefully read this tip that will be useful for a burglar-proof house.

First, check whether “climbing aids” are available for burglars in the garden. These include, for example, garden furniture, ladders, garbage cans. Or sometimes many people leave valuables in the garden, e.g., tools, home electronics, or luxury foods. It would be best if you then used the “climbing aids,” and valuables were taken away in the garden when you are not at home.

Secondly, you can protect your garden from burglary with a garden fence. The garden with a fence is not so easy to enter, and burglars don’t like obstacles either. Finally, you can retrofit your garden gate with door security so that burglars have even less chance of getting into your house via the garden.

Tip 5. Secure the house with lighting

Light can also be adequate burglary protection for a safe home. If you want to secure your house against burglary, installing lamps with a timer or motion detector on the front door and in dark areas such as the driveway, backyard, or garden is best.

Although some people think that the light does not deter the burglar and is also a pointless burglary deterrent, we cannot deny that almost all burglars prefer the house in the dark.

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Tip 6. Protect your house with a surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras are always regarded as a necessary home security technology for home security. First, the visible surveillance camera acts as an effective deterrent that can keep many burglars away. And if necessary, the surveillance camera can also offer evidence to the police.

More importantly, security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home at all times. It means that if a suspect approaches your home, the surveillance camera can detect this movement and then send you an alarm so that you can check on your smartphone at any time if everything is ok. You could also chase away the intruder using a microphone at that time.

But not every security camera can be adequate home security. Only the surveillance camera with comprehensive functions and reliable quality can effectively protect the house from burglary. You should note the following points:

  • High-resolution – record the surroundings clearly and also catch burglars clearly
  • Clear night vision – also record everything sharply at night
  • Smart motion detection – timely motion alarms in the event of an attempted break-in
  • Free app & client – watch the house live anytime and anywhere.

Tip 7. Always let the home look occupied when you go on holiday

Making the house look lived in can make your home more burglar-proof. Before burglars break into a house, they usually spy on each other for a few days. So an empty house is undoubtedly an invitation for burglars.

In this case, lamps or shutters with a timer can help a lot. The lights can turn on automatically at night, and the shutters can also pull up during the day. It gives the burglars a clue that someone is home, and they stay away. You, too, can ask your neighbors to always remove your mail.

Tip 8. Vigilant neighbors can also make your house safe

Finally, don’t forget that neighbors may also be able to secure your home against burglary. Because the neighbors are usually well acquainted with the area and people in the vicinity, they can quickly notice if an unfamiliar man walks past your house and behaves suspiciously.

Therefore, before going on holiday or at work, you can ask your neighbors to pay more attention to your house.