May 29, 2024


Designing the interior of a luxurious penthouse apartment, you definitely need to pay attention to the layout of the kitchen so that it is beautiful and comfortable. So, let’s explore the 7 latest kitchen space interior design trends with Gia Decor Street in 2021!

To make the interior design of a luxury penthouse apartment more impressive and attractive, you can refer to the 6 latest kitchen design trends in 2021 below!

Subtle minimalism trend

In recent years, the trend of designing and constructing the interior of a luxurious, minimalist penthouse apartment is becoming more and more prevalent. And according to experts’ prediction, by 2021, this trend towards simplicity will become the leading style in the field of interior design.

You can try the layout of simple lines, combining white or soft pastel colors to make the kitchen more subtle and impressive.

At the same time, you should minimize the display of unnecessary items on the surface of the kitchen counter to make the space more neat and clean.

Compact kitchen trend

In addition to minimizing the kitchen, many luxurious penthouse interior designs are now gradually shrinking the cooking area. As a result, you will have more space for other functions.

For example, instead of designing a kitchen that occupies nearly 2/3 of the area of ​​the apartment, you can spend that space to expand the living room, bedroom, office, or design display shelves …

The trend of surface texture application

Instead of cladding or lining the usual tiles for kitchen countertops and tabletops, you can choose materials with eye-catching textures printed with advanced, vivid, and attractive HD technology. This approach will help the interior design of a penthouse apartment to be more luxurious, unique, and prominent.

Application trend of recycled and eco-alternative materials

In particular, you can also use recycled and eco-friendly materials for your kitchen while ensuring the interior design of a luxury penthouse apartment.

There are many eco-replaceable and recyclable materials such as ceramic shards, recycled bricks, OSB oriented particle boards, glass, glass …

Design trend of the kitchen with colors close to nature

Previously, many designs of the interior design of luxury penthouse apartments preferred to use black, white, or gray to create an elegant look for space, in 2021, natural blue would replace.

Inspired by colors in nature such as green, moss, wood brown, earth, kitchen design trends in 2021 are expected to be cool, pleasant, and friendly spaces, closer to nature.

Biological kitchen design trends

Similar to the trend of designing a kitchen with colors close to nature, the design style of bringing trees into the cooking space is also popular with many people.

You can arrange small pots placed on the kitchen counter of the apartment. Or use unique wall gardens to create an impressive highlight for the kitchen. In addition, if your penthouse has a spacious kitchen space, you absolutely can design for yourself a mini hydroponic vegetable garden that just helps to dispel the feeling of the hot stew when cooking and immediately have vegetables. fresh and delicious tubers and fruits.

 5 tips for optimal kitchenettes

Use the rule of the triangle

Triangular kitchen rule is not only recommended for small kitchens but also large kitchens to maximize efficiency in the layout. You can simply understand, it is the relationship, the triangular connection between the three areas: storage area, washing/processing area, and processing area.

Arranging the above 3 function positions according to the triangular rule creates a fast, convenient workflow in the kitchen. For example, the design refrigerator near the sink. Next, the stove will be placed near the sink. Thanks to that, the homeowners cook and move easily, food and food are also quickly placed in a reasonable position.

In addition, Pho Gia Decor Street House interior construction service suggests that you can flexibly place supporting kitchen items during the cooking process according to the identified triangle. Include the shelf for dishes that need to be placed next to the washing area, the cutting-edge drawer, so it is near the preliminary processing area, the pot drawer is located near the kitchen for the convenience of cooking … waterway.

Design the storage system

To have a tidy kitchen, the homeowner needs to ensure there is enough storage space for all tools, spices, or food. But how to store to save space for a kitchenette?

Plan to separate storage for each group such as a dry storage area, a storage area, an essential seasoning area, a cooking area with regular cooking utensils, and a washing area with cleaning tools, washing tools, trash cans, …

Depending on the number of items and the frequency of use, the service of building the interior of the townhouse, consulting, and choosing the right storage cabinet. Wall-mounted cabinets, drawers will help you save space effectively.

Balance kitchen island

The kitchen island is an efficient and convenient storage space, but be sure to arrange it properly. A reasonable distance between kitchen cabinets and kitchen island for homeowners to easily move is from 90 cm – 1.5m. Ensuring a minimal position with the kitchenette will make the use of a drawer, oven, or dishwasher free.

Ensure light source

Natural light is a very important factor in the kitchen, especially in small kitchens. Light keeps a small, narrow space well ventilated, preventing moisture from being moldy.

Construction service of townhouses furniture advises homeowners to arrange windows, skylights to collect light for space. At the same time, you can also simplify partitions and walls separating the kitchen from the living room, dining room to connect more light. However, this also creates a more spacious kitchen feel.

This is considered an interior design of a luxury penthouse apartment but equally creative, helping to bring a fresh and more comfortable living space for you and your family.