Tips to Diagnose the Right Time for Water Purifier Service
May 26, 2024

Tips to Diagnose the Right Time for Water Purifier Service

The water purification system provides you with water that is safe for consumption by removing salts, chemicals, and other impurities from it. Thus, to ensure that you drink clean and safe water, you need to ensure proper maintenance of your water purifier. Without proper care and timely maintenance, the water purifier will not function to the best of its ability, and you may end up drinking unsafe, contaminated water. It can create numerous health problems, and thus it’s imperative to ensure timely water purifier service.

The different filtration stages of a water purifier remove impurities of different sizes to make water safe to drink. Thus, you should clean and maintain RO filters so that the water purifier works without any problem. If you don’t change the pre-filters after a fixed time, it can damage the RO membrane, and this can affect the water purification process.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to make sure that your water purifier gets serviced at the right time and works without any glitch.

1. The Importance of Maintaining the RO Membrane

The RO membrane performs a significant role in the water purification system by separating the solutes from the solvent to pass through it. Thus, the regular cleaning and timely maintenance of RO membrane are imperative. You must make sure that the RO membrane is changed every 3-4 months. It prevents clogging pores and ensures smooth functioning of the water purifier.

2. The Need for Filter Changes

The water filter of an RO water purifier needs replacement every three months. It is required, as the water contaminants clog the filters after some time and not removing them will affect the filtration capacity of the water purifier. If you continue using old filters without cleaning them, the contaminants get transferred to the water you drink. RO water purifiers can have three to twelve stages of purification.Thus, to ensure its proper functioning, you must schedule timely and frequent filter change.

3. The Need to Change Carbon Filter and Sediment Filter

You should replace the carbon filter once every year. The main purpose of the carbon filter is to remove chlorine and related contaminants that affect the performance and life of the water purifier’s RO membrane. Also, the carbon filter can affect the taste and odour of the water. You should also change the sediment filter once every year. It can help to stain out sediments, silt, and dirt from the water.

4. Make Sure to Sanitize the RO Tank

It is advisable to regularly clean the pipes of the RO system. You should frequently sanitize the RO tank to keep it in a good condition. For the best results, you should sanitize the RO tank every time you replace the filters. If you notice leakages or drips, you should seek the help of a professional. Leakages in water purifier can bring you a lot of problems if the right steps are not taken to stop them.

If you take an active role in ensuring the cleaning and maintenance of your RO water purifier, it will deliver the best performance. This will also prolong its service life. So, you should follow proper service and maintenance steps to make sure that the water you drink is clean, safe, and healthy.