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Fun and Life-Changing Home Decor Trends in 2022 You’ll Want

The COVID-19 pandemic had its effects on a lot of industries, and real estate is not an exception to this. Since many of us have spent most of our time indoors last year, we were all waiting for more comfort, and we are persuaded to rediscover our spaces to achieve the requirements of having a new lifestyle such as redesigning a living room, creating a functional home office for Zoom meeting or online classes, or turning pantry to a smart one. 

In this article, we’ll share with you top home decor trends for 2021 you would not want to miss out. 

Placing Indoor Plants 

green plant in white ceramic pot

Being locked in our homes made most of us to long for the outdoors. If you want to bring some fresh air and nature vibes in your home, indoor trees and plants will be placed in ours as design mainstay. Having them inside our house freshen indoor air, provide calmness of nature, act as a display on a tabletop or shelf, and even caring for them is fulfilling and relaxing. Growing a group of interior plants is a win-win situation: functional, mental, and aesthetic. 

Beautiful Smart Lighting 

Now that it’s a brand new year, people want to find ways to transform their home in the most comfortable and functional living space they never experienced. For example, new home builders suggest that you change your regular incandescent bulbs into smart lighting options that can let you set schedules and produce an ambience to suit your needs– whether that’s online classes for your kids or work-from-home settings, cooking and preparing the food, or having a relaxing time in the living room. 

Neon and Coloured LED Lights 

peace love neon signage near green leaf plants

Gen Z is totally influencing our homes with neon lighting back with a contemporary look. We’ll be seeing customised word art in unique fonts and neon-hued LED lights that are trending. On Pinterest, you can look for inspirations by typing in the search button “neon room” and you can see a lot of ideas or try “LED light signs” that has increased three times. You can also brighten up your 2021 with fluorescent light fixtures in different colours! 

The Continue of Earth Tones

We can say that earth tones like brown, beige, burn umber, and terracotta are one of the official popular colours that will continue to rise in 2021. Interior designers and builders will agree that this trend will always come again and again and there will be a prolong interest in hues of brown. Sands, beiges, and warm taupes are usually the ones that will overflow in popularity this year for home decor trends. So if you’re planning for any paint projects for your homes, you can ditch that bright white for warm beige or greige.

Grandma’s House in Millennial Style

Remember how comfy your Grandma’s house? From the needlepoint to velvet sofas to floral curtains, millennials will use this as decoration to bring a nostalgic sense of style to their modern house. We can expect the use of vintage vibes and old-school patterns combined with bold, contemporary colours.

Versatile Pieces

gold Apple iPhone smartphone held at the door

This year will be all about livable luxury, which means we can see home pieces with versatility in design. A lot of people were inspired to go through a transition over the past year, even rediscovering less-used spaces and loving furniture concepts that function as double duty. We will notice more durable fabrics, furniture pieces, and comfortable upholstery that come with many functions yet stylish.

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Rise of Bidets

In 2021, bidets will definitely get a spotlight for your bathroom renovation. Since 2020 has terrified us due to the scarcity of toilet paper, a lot of homeowners has been inquiring more about getting bidets for their bathroom. So, why not join the bandwagon?

Wild Geometric Shapes

We can be sure that 2021 will be throwing back postmodern and 1980s Memphis-inspired pieces and it will like that for a while. This year will get intense for hard-edge geometry that gives dramatic tension to a particular area.

Blush Tones

person using macbook pro on bed

Millennials were the ones to give a name to the colour “blush”, but commonly, designers consider this as a neutral. So don’t be surprised to see more of this blush colour in 2021 in spaces that used to be exclusive for white paint only.

Indoor Edible Gardens

Since we previously mentioned that we will expect indoor plants in our homes, homeowners will even take it to the next level by growing edible plants in 2021. The pandemic is far from over which is why people will continue to spend more time at home and take care of indoor herbs and grow vegetable plants. It’s perfect for cooking your own dish without the need to go out to buy your veggies since you already have the needed ingredients inside your home. These edible gardens come in a variety of sizes which is ideal for any kitchen or a sunshiny window.