June 19, 2024

An Overview of 3 Popular Cloud Platforms: AWS, Azure & GCP

aws vs azure vs gcp

In this modern era, most organizations have migrated from inbuilt domains to public cloud configurations. Along with some technologies at their side, most enterprises are developing their applications directly in the cloud. This makes organizations concentrate more on their products than application support systems. Moving to the cloud benefits them by having the infrastructure that they need not maintain and update continuously. Consequently, Organisations can devote their resources and funds to the real-time application of the projects they are working on.

The three leading cloud-based platforms in the existing market are Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure. AWS is the first choice of organizations in the market. Azure and GCP are still growing consistently. All these cloud platforms have their prices and features to develop real-time applications for different organizations. Let us take a walk through these cloud-based platforms, starting from the market leader AWS with the followers Azure and GCP

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon has launched its web services in the market over a decade ago. It is the inventor of cloud-based services. It is the most famous and adopted platform in the market. Also, It offers a maximum number of quality products to the clients. Amazon cloud-based service providers or data centers are spread across 77 regions in the world. AWS’s range of infrastructure services is computing, database, content delivery and storage, and networking. AWS has serverless data collection services like AWS Lambda functions, Amazon Kinesis Streams, and Amazon SQS Queue. Organizations can select from any of the services offered by AWS. These services can be like database, operating system, web application platform. Another service provided by AWS is to monitor the usage of the Organization’s cloud infrastructure. AWS Config monitors resource inventory and the updates done in the database. Also, User actions can be traced through AWS management tools such as AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch. Explore Your Knowledge at AWS Online Training at 3RI Technologies.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform designed to build, deploy and manage various services and applications. Microsoft also has a massive network of datacentres in every corner of the world. Azure different features include computation, networking, data management, and performance related to the organizations. Azure offers Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) or duplicate data storage centers across all the regions. It means when any failure occurs at the primary location, one can access data and apps from the secondary location. Another feature of Azure is Azure ExpressRoute, which provides higher security and more excellent reliability. Azure also has a wide network supporting multiple site-to-site connections to virtual networks, along with the ability to connect virtual networks. These connections are managed across all the regions. Azure can develop the instances as per the demand of the organizations. Associated programmers can help through Azure Machine Learning Studio. 

What is GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?

GCP provides cloud storage, drive storage, and database support. Its database supporting languages are SQL and NoSQL. In drive storage, data is stored on rotating disks, from electronic, mechanical, optical, or mechanical changes. This platform offers excellent discounts to its clients. Google provides security through encrypting all data and their communication channels, including the traffic between data centers. Google Cloud has sound developers to deploy and support required instances at low costs. Services provided by google are very cost-efficient. Google also offers robust ML and AI application interfaces that deal with computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, and translation.

AWS  Vs. Azure Vs. GCP

Selecting a platform to learn depends on technical skills, professional needs, job markets, etc… There is no such absolute rule to select which cloud platform to learn and work on, as all three can solve when given the same issues. Here we will look at some key factors which will differentiate between each other, and one can choose from three of them according to the requirement:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS is an extensively used cloud platform globally. It is in the market for more than a decade. Thus, having experience of different industries having other use cases altogether. AWS has an easy-going user interface, which makes it easy to learn. AWS is currently at the top holding the world’s largest public cloud market share. It has been the first to infrastructure services through the Internet. AWS is working with the latest evolved technologies in both support and functionality, and it has loads of features associated with it. It has good documentation and has extensive training materials for learning. Big giants like Netflix, Spotify are using AWS. The most demanded certifications amongst the cloud-based platforms are AWS. Skills in AWS stream matters a lot. 

 Microsoft Azure is the second Cloud-based platform after AWS. The Azure platform has an extensive network of data centers. It Offers a familiar environment to Microsoft users. Microsoft products can be integrated easily. Azure services are costly with complicated interfaces. Documentation and training materials are not that good with Azure. Some of the companies that are using Azure are eBay, Samsung. Azure will be a good choice for extensive Microsoft users. Having a certification in the Azure platform can give a chance of getting an excellent job in the industry.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) GCP is relatively new in cloud computing, but it is slowly catching up in the industry. Services provided by GCP are cheap and allows the market to try different features. The most common searching engine is Google Search. Google applications are most common in the market. And It is a remarkable feature of how Google handles data. It has a good hold on Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. If you are interested in specialization in these fields, consider GCP, but it offers a limited range. Companies like Coca-Cola and Snapchat are using GCP. Google certified professionals also amongst the good salary ranges in the market.

Irrespective of the cloud platform you choose to learn, you should concentrate on understanding the cloud’s core concepts. While working on cloud computing, fundamentals and principles should be very clear. Your time and efforts are not wasted while learning cloud computing methods, as whichever you choose to learn, you can still apply your talent and knowledge when switching to another cloud service provider.