July 23, 2024

4 Modernistic Ways To Promote Your Grocery Delivery Business


Everything around us is digitized. This statement is of no doubt. Businesses have also started adopting the online presence as their new way of approach to improve things. That’s why the digital engagement between the shoppers and supermarkets has also increased. There are many businesses making their way into the digital world to draw more customers to them. For instance, Walmart has made considerable investments in digital marketing.

However, social media is still remaining as an area untouched by the grocery companies, which is why they should consider taking the route. As the user count is increasing every day, this is the best chance to delve into marketing for the grocery owners, as they can drive away from the grievances of customers quickly.

Here are some of the points that will help you in knowing how influential social media can be, to your on-demand grocery delivery app business.

  • Big Data analytics to understand customer behavior:

Analysis and data gathering is an integral part of online marketing. Social media helps in a great way to the businesses, as they give real-time feeds that may let you understand what the customers want. To make sense, consider, for instance, that a user logs in to the app via their account, which makes it easier to track their activities. By activities, what products are selected by them, what is in their wish list, and what gets discarded can all be tracked. You can gain some knowledge, and the promotional campaigns can be personalized, targeting per customer at a time.

It increases the confidence of the customer and also decreases cart abandonment. Features like a wish list or live chat for any issues can be added to your app. By releasing the right advertisements based on the user activity, both the social reach and user experience can be improved. 

  • Personalized promotions for a better reach:

We underrate the power of engagement through emails, but they can be mighty. The social engagement is boosted, and they help in increasing confidence about the brand as well. The critical role also gets played by Big Data here. 

Let’s consider that a user purchases dairy products and veggies every Friday. You can send some personalized emails to the user if there are any price cuts or any discounts on those particular products. Since users will keep checking their emails every day, they can make use of any of these changes to get the products at the best deals. Therefore, based on the user’s style, the emails can be personalized and updated continuously. 

If the emails consist of any new recipes based on the products purchased, it can be both insightful and useful to them.

  • Reviews and ratings for improvising business:

Though it may seem that you are the king, as you’re an owner of a business, the real king is the customer. It would help if you get constant feedback from the customers to improvise your business. Social media plays a significant role in rating your app through platforms like Facebook. The reason? It’s simple. People try a lot of things nowadays based on the reviews found on social media. When people read about the thoughts of how convenient an app is, they get drawn towards it. Ratings and reviews are testimony of how well the app is performing. 

For instance, if anyone adds a review about how well your services are, or about the fresh stuff you are providing, and about your timely delivery, people will try your app for sure. Another powerful tool is the referral coupons. You can include this in your app for an instant reach among people. Let every user make a purchase and get the referral code. By entering the code, he gets some goodies or points as a reward. 

  • Machine learning for better customer service:

Since this era is more likely to be termed as the digital era, businesses should try something that brings automation for a personalized shopping experience. Bringing automation can reduce complexities and bring in more advantages. For example, you can bring in a live chat feature that can fix customer grievances quickly. As some users of the grocery apps can be senior citizens, they might not be tech-savvy. So, having an automated support system can help them in every step of their shopping journey. It also helps in understanding the users better, for creating more personalized content. 


Brands can build better relationships when it comes to engagement via social media. The giants like Walmart and Target are highly skilled, as they use Twitter handles, Instagram feeds, and blogs to engage with their customers. Social media is mainly influencing millennial dads who shop for groceries over four times a week. So, in every possible way, if you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, dive into Instacart like app development now, as your good time is right here!