June 12, 2024

Best Website Design For Law Firms In 2024


The year 2024 is behind us and hopefully all the troubles and challenges that the year posed will also come to an end sooner than later. With the dawn of a new year there would be new opportunities and new challenges. We all need to gear up to face these challenges and grab the opportunities that come our way.  As a law firm, you too would need to plan for the upcoming challenges and opportunities, and for that you have to chalk out a completely new marketing strategy, of which your website would be a critical component. Website design for law firms is going to play an important role in how successful your marketing strategy fans out to be.

Every year design trends change across industry, and law firms aren’t going to be any different. There would be some forced changes and some voluntary. Google recently announced that come 2024, user experience of law firm websites would play a much bigger role in how your website is ranked in search results. This means that you can’t just focus on how pretty your website looks, but you need to make your website more user-friendly.

Law Firm Website

Law firms spend a decent amount of money to get that perfect website design. They hire the best developers and designers to get the perfect look. And it’s not just about how beautiful it looks, but it should reflect your brand, your ethics and your authority and expertise. Integrating modern design elements into your website can exhibit your core attributes. Besides, you need to focus on making your website more user-oriented so that they are encouraged to spend more time on your website.

Before we delve deeper into how a law firm web design should be like in 2024,let’s not forget that your website should have the three basic features, that is, mobile-friendly, easy navigation, and unique and relevant content.

Web Design Trends for Law Firms in 2024


As mentioned before, user experience is going to play an important role in how websites are ranked in search results.So, it is of utmost importance for website designers take this aspect into account. When you use interactive elements like Cinemagraphs, it would help evoke emotion, appreciation, and credibility.

Cinemagraphs Provide incredible, modern elements to your website that would complement the modern website design for law firms trend that uses high quality images and videos with subtle motion on a fluid, unbroken loop. It will give the viewers an immersive experience and keep them occupied for a longer period. Such immersive experience will encourage visitors to explore more about your law firm and probably ask for case evaluation if they really need legal help.

Serif Fonts

Use of sans-serif fonts has been an unstated rule among web designers for quite some time now. However, as the screen resolution continued to improve dramatically over the years, it’s no longer compulsion to use this font.  It has almost become outdated and website designers now prefer using the serif font instead. It is believed to convey more professionalism and authority, which is what you want your website to depict.

Of the many serif fonts that you can choose from, the most widely used ones are Casino, Freight Text, Minion and Garamond. But whatever serif font you use in your law firm website, make sure that you preview it on a small screen before finally going ahead with it. It should look crisp, clear and be easy to read. You can also try using serif and sans-serif in combination.


Using videos on websites is nothing new; it has been there for quite some time now. It creates a much better impact than any other design component. However, you should use it judiciously, preferably more on your home page and service pages. Videos help in dispersing the textual content and diversify the page layout. Needless to say, it improves user experience making it easier for you to connect with your potential clients. And of course, it helps improve your rankings.


Law firm website design is increasingly using micro-animations to attract user attention. Micro-animations are tiny visual cues that catch user attention. For instance, if someone moves the mouse near the logo of your law firm, its size would increase and even change form. It is particularly helpful when the screen size is small, which actually is the case as more than 60% searches happen on mobile devices. It guides the visitor around your website.


By minimalism we mean clean and crisp web design. It doesn’t rely too much on bold colours and complicated graphics to draw visitors’ attention. Neither does it use excessive text. Its bare, clear-cut look conveys a simple, concise message in an emphatic way.

While minimalism has always been relied upon to portray a classic look, it is fast becoming popular in website design for law firms as well.

This Article written by Sophia is a law firm marketing consultant and blogger at Conroy Creative Counsel- Digital Marketing Agency in the USA, provides marketing for attorneys and law firms.