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May 29, 2024

IOS 14 – New Features and Updates 2021

Learn IOS 14 amazing New Features and Updates 2021, and choose the best phone yourself.

Apple Company has always raised its standards while developing software side things. Keeping in mind the past releases, Apple always tried to develop new updates for its older iPhone and iPods. The rumors for the new iOS 14 have already stirred in the mobile phone industry. Let’s take an overview of a previous iOS 13:

iOS 13 – Background Review

The same hype was created before the launching of an iOS 13. People were considering this iOS release as a smooth operating system. But Apple had to release several updates to fix its bugs and glaring issues last year. Apart from bugs, there was a problem with the iPad repairs Melbourne the parental control settings. In iOS 13, these settings allowed kids to chat and communicate with any stranger. The common issues were battery drain, losing built-in features, and even losing Wi-Fi features. Overall, iOS 13 was a release full of tension and stress and we hope the same thing is not going to happen to the new iOS 14.

When iOS 14 released?

Considering the previous iOS releases, Apple release iOS in September 2020 which was expected. Though Apple had released the Beta version of this iOS in June 2020 for testing. So, it will help developers to test an upcoming release and get any bugs in the OS. Besides this, Apple also launched a public Beta version for iOS 14 in the same month of June. In the beginning, it was released in the United States, then Australian customers also acquire the same facilities around the same period.

Features in Latest iOS 14

  • The iOS 14 supports 5G wireless technology. There is no such feature of augmented reality or Artificial Intelligence Glasses, as it was rumored before the launching. Hence, iOS 14 will lay a foundation pillar to support these technologies.
  • Contain updates for Safari, Music, Podcasts, and Home Pods.
  • As the dark mode was released in iOS 13, Apple refined dark mode in iOS 14.
  • Advancement in Siri, addition in the notification panel and system.
  • New camera filters along with alarm enhancements.

Perks in iOS 14

The other benefits that can you get from iOS 14 are listed below:

a) Change in Spam – Call Filters:

The current iOS 13 and previous IOS contains call recording features. Moreover, call detecting and blocking features are also present in the current iOS. On the top, the new iOS 14 is able to estimate the probability of a spam call. Whereas this feature is offered by third-party apps providing the same service in their paid versions. The iOS 14 has added another layer of the filter process to its devices. These new features are exciting and admirable which shows that Apple keeps its customer’s values safe.

b) Better Email Systems

This feature will make a large impact on a businessman. The iOS which we are using in our devices has a copy-paste system in the mail. The new iOS 14 has changed this traditional system to a direct upload system.

Devices Compatible with iOS 14

The latest iOS 14 is compatible with the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, and all other newest range of iPhone models. The models below iPhone SE and 6S are not compatible and not getting any software updates. Apple has discontinued support for these models.

In terms of iPads, iOS 14 is compatible with all generations of iPad. The 5th, 6th, and 7th generations of iPad are compatible with iOS 14. Furthermore, iPad Air (3rd Generation), both 10 & 5 inches of iPad Pro, 9.7 inches iPad Pro, 11 inches iPad Pro, and 12.9 inches iPad Pro are also compatible.

Contrary to the previous OS (iOS 13), Apple has solved a lot of irritating bugs with respect to the software side. From a hardware perspective, we are at the new range of iPhone Repair Melbourne devices. The designs of the latest iPhone models are sleek and enriched in functionalities. Besides having the finest material and build quality of the latest iPhones, these devices are still prone to breakage.

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