June 12, 2024

Yaxi Taxi App – Now Building Your Own Cab Booking App Is Super Quick & Cheap

yaxi taxi clone app

Customers love to travel hassle-free. Your customer will only book the cab from your app that holds the best of the best features. The advancement in technology has made it possible to build a smart, intuitive on demand cab booking app in Mexico. Taxi booking apps are extremely becoming popular. No wonder they provide great comfort and convenience to the customers which come at a cheaper price. Startup entrepreneurs and the established ones are attracted to building on demand taxi booking apps. The clone apps are readymade solutions, build on open source code making them scalable products. Developed at the fraction of cost, the Yaxi taxi clone app clone script is readily available and you can practically launch the taxi booking riding business in a week.

So, what all you will need to make a successful clone app like Yaxi?

yaxi taxi clone

Advanced Level Features For Building An App Like Yaxi Taxi Clone App

The following are the advanced level features to integrate your taxi booking app. They are:

Book ride for someone else

The feature allows the rider to book the ride for someone else who does not have downloaded the app. The ride details are sent to the person for whom the ride has been booked. Both the rider as well as the person who has booked the ride can track the driver/ route on a real-time basis.

Corporate rides

The user can avail of the ride by booking under “corporate ride” which ideally an allowance from the companies. The company account is setup with the app, thus the rider does not have to pay it automatically gets deducted from the Wallet.

Shop/Stop/Eat while riding

The feature lets you pause the ride when the rider wishes to go for immediate shopping or eat at their favorite restaurant. Of course, there will be wait time charges levied.

Real-time chat with the support team

This feature lets the user have chat with the support team for their any queries/concern. All it needs to tap on the “Chat” tab and the user gets connected with the support team immediately.

Block fraud drivers

The feature allows the riders/drivers to block the fraud people who have not been on their best of behaviors. The admin gets the list of the block drivers/riders thus eliminating them from using the app.

Child seat preferences

The feature lets the rider book a ride for a cab that is available with the child’s seat. When booking the ride through the app, the user has to choose a “child seat” preference.

Real-time currency rates

The feature automatically converts the currency into the present rate and calculate the fares. This feature is vital especially when you are running your cab service in a tourist spot.

Cost To Build Your Own Yaxi Taxi Clone App

With every on demand taxi app, the cost varies. Several factors come into role play determining the cost. Usually, the cost of cab booking app development is divided into the below-mentioned categories:

Choice of app platform

The app platform makes a huge difference to your budget. Android or IOS depending on the cost will vary. The cab booking app developers will suggest developing the app on both platforms or you can choose what your budget allows.

Choosing technology

Native or hybrid technology? Before you sit for your cab booking app development project, it is important to learn the basics of the technologies. This will help you figure which is best for your Yaxi taxi clone app as every technology is diverse and serves a different purpose when put to use.

Features of apps

The fancier you make your app, the costlier it gets. Integrating multiple features is directly connected with the cost. So, a taxi app developer will suggest starting with the basic features and eventually expand once you have a wider customer base.


Today customer looks for comfort and convenience, pricing is the last thing on their mind. The primary aim to launch an on demand yaxi taxi clone app is to provide a pleasant riding experience to your customers.

Therefore, when you start your own on demand taxi transportation business based, integrate your app with friendly navigation and user-centric features that provide an enjoyable experience.

Thus, to ensure that your customers stay glued to your on demand taxi booking app, you must build a Yayi taxi app on state-of-the-art technology. The cab booking app build on the latest technology makes it scalable assuring to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Look for the taxi app development service company that has at least a decade of experience in developing and launching successfully on demand apps on the Play Store/ App Store.