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May 28, 2024

How To Pixie Cut Your Own Hair

How To Pixie Cut Your Own Hair

Learning how to pixie cut your hair may sound complicated, but it’s actually a breeze. It only takes two steps to learn how to pixie style your hair and bring along this classic beauty style. By the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll know how to pixie cut your own hair and give any look the versatility it deserves.

Find the perfect tools

The first step is to find the right tools. A pair of clippers and some pins are all you need to begin this hairdo making project. To make it easier on yourself, start with a shorter length to practice on before moving on to a longer pixie style with ECOCO hair products. This will make it easier to cut away excess product once you’re ready to style your hair in your pixie style.

Prepare your hair

Next, you need to prepare your hair for the pixie style. Start by washing it in a natural way using baby shampoo. Apply your hair tonic to make your hair smooth and shiny. Next, dry your hair with a towel and apply your pomade or curl maker. When you have it just right, comb your hair through starting from the bottom of your head and comb the hair forward. Combing is the key for getting that pixie style effect.


Once you’ve combed your hair, take a section at the front of your head and divide it into three equal sections by brushing out the middle. Then, starting from the center, comb your hair through the center section, sweeping the rest of your hair toward the back of your head. To complete your pixie style, pin your hair back with a piece of ribbon. With confidence, you’re ready to pixie cut your own hair!

Pomade or curl maker

Now that you’ve done your hair, it’s time to start styling. To start, grab your pomade or curl maker and start combing your hair. You can use a little bit of pixie dust from an eye shadow kit to add some extra sparkle to your pixie style. Use your fingertips to spread the dust gently over your entire head. Once all of your hair is coated, grab a large tooth comb and start at the bottom of your pixie, going up about one inch at a time. When you go up to your pixie style, be sure to brush in a circular motion.

Combing your hair

When you’re done combing, grab a second pair of scissors and cut your pixie style out. Now that you have your pixie intact, blow dry your hair until it is dry. Use a large iron to finish your pixie style. If you want to keep your pixie intact, you can put it in a plastic bag and take it to the wash. You can also leave it in your ceramic container if you don’t mind the chance of having it break.


How to pixie cut your own hair isn’t just about learning how to do a cute pixie cut. If you’re into cosmetology or working as a hair stylist, this is a great skill to have. When you learn how to pixie cut your own hair, you will know how to make your own hair appear to be styled exactly how you want it to be. When people ask you how you got your hair to look so perfect, you will be proud to show them that you learned how to pixie cut your own hair.


Learning how to pixie cut your own hair gives you a lifelong skill that will be appreciated by everyone who sees it. Some people have their hair pixie styled for a few hours every week while others have it professionally done. Both of these techniques require training but the trade off is that they are both very effective. Your hair will thank you for showing people how to pixie style their hair and your hair salon will thank you for helping them increase their clientele!