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May 27, 2024

9 of New Zealand’s best places to visit

New Zealand is an incredible place to visit, consisting of two large islands, North Island and South Island. The island nation must be seen to be fully understood and filled with unforgettable scenery, stunning landscapes, a rare mix of lakes, mountains, and exuberant greenery.


New Zealand needs to be on your list whether you are a sports fan at all – or if you only want to experience them. Skydiving, skydiving, paragliding… Bungee jumping… mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking…Let us simply claim that the list of outdoor activities in this remote destination is infinite.


In Queenstown, surrounded by mountain and lake scenery, you can learn adventure sports. Then you find the dramatic FIORINA – partially the scenery of the Middle Earth Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit film by Peter Jackson (you can also visit The Shire!). Get to know Rotoroua’s Maori community and go to sunny Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand, if you are lacking city life. Here’s a look at New Zealand’s best places to visit:


  1. Fiordland


Fiordland National Park is one of the most scenic areas in New Zealand. Here in the South-Western corner of the South Island, you can take an amazing stroll, truck fish, or cruise on the beautiful fjords (sounds called here). Milford Sound is Fiordland’s main draw, and the glacier is a real fjord. You can see the cascades, admire the pure rock faces over the water and view even animals like dolphins and penguins while driving through Milford Sound.


  1. Tongariro National Park


Tongariro is New Zealand’s first national park renowned for its intense surprises. The numerous habitats of the park include calm lakes, active volcanoes, grasslands, untamed forests, and desert plateaus. Start your ride at the visitor center of Whakapapa, just a three-hour walk from the spectacular Taranaki Falls. The short walk leads through the scrub, forest, and lava line, from centuries ago, with volcanic eruptions.


  1. Queenstown


Queenstown, regarded as a dream resort for people looking for adrenaline and adventure, is located on the South Island in New Zealand. Queenstown, also an extremely beautiful location, is surrounded by the highest peaks of the Southern Alps, on the edge of the deep-blue Lake Wakatipu. Lake Wakatipu itself is one of the best ways to view the landscape. You can cycle around the lake or take a cruise on the beautiful waters of the lake. The town’s tiny central area filled with bars and restaurants also features lively nightlife.


  1. Auckland


Auckland is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand, which is known as the City of Sails. The lively culture and food scenery on the North Island. It’s well established. Climb Auckland Harbor Bridge for a fantastic view of this magnificent metropolis. If you would like to learn more about New Zealand’s past and heritage, then search the Auckland domain, which is the oldest part of the region. In Auckland Domain there is the famous Auckland Museum where you can find fantastic exhibits of Maori and Pacific Island.


  1. Paihia


Paihia is a wonderful place to visit in New Zealand if you are interested in exploring the Bay of Islands. Paihia is about a little city, but it has a host of great hotels and leisure options to draw visitors. You can swim with dolphins or even go snorkeling to see the shipwreck called the Rainbow Warrior while feeling adventurous and engaged. While back on dry ground, take the Marsden Road for excellent restaurants offering a variety of freshly fished seafood.


  1. Rotorua


It is named Rotorua New Zealand’s Thermal Miracle Ground. In and around the city are many geysers and hot springs. In new areas, there are periodic natural eruptions of steam, hot water, and mud. The nearby Wai-O-Tapu, in addition to the Lady Knox Geyser, is also a popular place for visiting a large number of hot springs renowned for their colors.


  1. Napier


The Napier seaside resort is known as the Art Deco capital of New Zealand because of the architecture designed over 80 years ago when a massive fire hit the area. The best way to enjoy Napier is to visit the NAZ, after a tour of the city on foot for a guided or self-guided architectonic tour. This massive aquarium contains everything ranging from turtles to crocodiles and truly world-class exhibits.


  1. Glacier Country


The western shore of South Island is situated in the Glacier Country and the Westland National Park is its gem. In the park, you will have the opportunity to see the two most impressive glaciers of the country: Glacier Franz Josef and Glacier Fox. The Franz Josef Glacier is one of the world’s most open glaciers, so you really should go up to the glacier and the glacier valley itself. Directed tours will give you a closer look at the growing glaciers and you can relax in the unbelievable hot pools of glaciers after a day of walking.


  1. Nelson


Nelson, known for having the highest number of sunshine hours a year in New Zealand, is at the top of the South Island. Nelson is a wonderful place for outdoor activities because of the great environment and the fact it is surrounded by three National Parks. Local agriculture and local wineries are also highlighted. Founder’s Park is an excellent place for dining on local food, and for sunbathing right in the center of a town. A park is an awesome place in the town. You can also go on a day trip from Nelson to Abel Tasman National Park with an early bus to enjoy the park.