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May 28, 2024


Kalsubai is situated in Maharashtra and is popularly known as the “Everest of Maharashtra”, which is standing at the shocking height of 5400 ft. It offers mind blowing postcard type views of the Sahyadri ranges and a flourishing green blanket covering the mountain. Kalsubai is one of the most popular and well known trekking destinations in Maharashtra. The trek is challenging in places but is greatly helped by the good infrastructure in place for the trek, and ends up making it enjoyable and joyful for the beginners. It is highly believed that the mountain itself dates back to the Cenozoic Era, which approximately makes the mountain aged 66 million amazing years and it is also composed mostly of solidified flood basalt. Kalsubai is a great trekking spot for beginners and also the spots for campers as well.

Beautifully placed amongst the untouched and fresh nature called the Sahyadri ranges, the Kalsubai trek is a package of rocky patches and steep and straight hill slopes. The peak gives a picture perfect view of various forts such as Kulang, Madan, Alang forts.

Amazing Places to Visit

  • There is a mountain named after a goddess called “Kalsu” who is a deity preached there by the people. High number of pilgrims comes to visit the temple beautifully nested at the top of the mountain which has been architected in her memory.
  • The fun overloading trek route gifts beautiful glimpse of greenery, flowers and fresh water streams, which automatically gives the trekkers a sense of achievement achieved after climbing this peak; makes it one of the most beautiful view after treks in Maharashtra.

What is the best time to visit?

  • Monsoons:

As the sprinkle-showers begin, gorgeous sceneries filled with water falls and green blankets of grass equally spread around the mountain. The obvious floating clouds accompany people in chilled, hazy weather, ends up making trekking a delightful experience for the people. The following months from July to September are mostly advised to enjoy the tourist attractions and visiting spots of the monsoon season.

  • Winter:

There is a drastic change in the views at Kalsubai after the sprinkle-monsoons as the flowers of various kinds blossom and attract various species of dragon flies, bees and butterflies that are attracted to their sweet nectar. In the winters, it is very common that the snakes and lizards spotted sun-bathing near the ladders often.

The grasslands bursting with verities of flowers blooming make for a wonderful day trek-route and also the impressive activities such as stargazing and Moonlight treks joyfully attracts a large number of travelers to Kalsubai in the winter. 

The bone-chilling months from October to February are suitable to enjoy the heartwarming view of the night and clear skies and beautiful shinning sunrises at the top of the hills. 

How can we reach there?

Kalsubai can be reached by using both the mode of transports, be it by road or by using the public transport.

By Road:

 Mumbai to Bari

Kalsubai is located at a distance of approximately 180 KM from Mumbai further it takes almost 2-3 hours to reach the village of Bari, which is also the base of the trek. From an easing point of view, it is highly recommended to take the roads and public transports instead of the trains.
The best-recommended route from Mumbai to Kalsubai is: 

Mumbai >Kalyan >Ghatgar >Bhandardara >Bari.

Pune to Bari

Kalsubai is located at a distance of approximately 200 KM from Pune; it takes around 4-5 hours.
The best-prescribed route from Pune to Kalsubai is: 

Pune >Sangamner >Rajur>Bhandardara> Bari.

By Public Transport:

People considering public transports have to keep in mind that Kasara and Igatpuri are the closest stations to Bari village. While Kasara is approximately 50 KM away from Bari, Igatpuri is approximately 30 KM away from Bari.

If people want to consider the railways on the basis of their convenience, then they should go for Mahanagri Express, Nandigram Express train, Howrah Mail from CST to Igatpuri or take a Local train to Kasara.


Talking about the Difficulty Level:

According to the reviews the difficulty level is measured as easy to medium. Although it’s a long trek of 5-6 hours approximately, there are well constructed stairs which continue till the top of the peak of the mountain. The metal ladder which is in good condition till now has been placed in rough patches which might be difficult to climb. Hence, it makes it more convenient for the beginners.

 The amazing trek route begins at Bari, which is the base village. There is nested a temple which is 15-20 minutes away from the initial point of the trek route. People who are unable to climb up to the peak take the blessings of the goddess at this Kalsubai temple. There are shades at frequent distances which can be used by the people to rest and enjoy the breeze which gushes through the mountain route most often. It is highly advised to plan for a night trek especially in summers or the other option can be begin the journey as early as possible in the morning, as the roasting heat tends to dehydrate and consequently tires the trekkers as it is a long trek route to the peak. Fortunately, there are little stalls selling buttermilk and lemon juice at various places on the way, which leaves one feeling refreshed and energized.

For breakfast and lunch, people can head to this place called “Kalsubai Tea Centre and Dharmaveer Lunch Home” which serves the tourists snacks and meals near the base Village. Camping at the peak is preferably a good choice and a very joyful and memorable experience. If the planning is for an overnight camp, people can carry their own tents and pitch them at a suitable corner on the peak. Surprisingly, people can find clusters of tents at and around the peak during peak seasons.

Hotel Trek Kalsubai is an alternative for a more comfortable stay if people do not have any plans for staying at the peak. 

Nights at the top of the mountain can get bones-freezing and so carrying a jacket or blanket is a must. While the temperature during the day ranges between 35°C to 28°C, it can drop at night as low as 12°C to 15°C.



The Kalsubai trek can be long and hard, so it’s best to be prepared and carry the right equipments. At the same time, over packing can lead to a heavy load on the shoulders and can be less productive. So choosing the right equipments will ensure that it is light weight, portable where possible. Here are some suggestions:

  • Backpack: Ideal size should be 20-45 liters. 
  • Shoes: Running shoes are most recommended.
  • Camera: A 360* camera, for capturing the scenic beauty and people also prefer Binoculars (one within a large group is enough).
  • 2L Water Bottle per person.
  • Sweatshirts or winter wears during winters.
  • Torch/ Headlamp.
  • Dry Snacks.
  • Cap and sunglasses
  • Raincoat for monsoons
  • Power Banks.
  • Hiking pole.

If people are camping, they will also additionally need the following:

  • A camping kit.
  • Tent.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Tent light.
  • Pee buddy for women.