July 18, 2024

4 Handpicked Custom Rigid Packaging Tips for Launching a Successful New Product

Rigid Boxes

Launching a brand new product is an exciting moment for any brand. However, you are required to pay great attention to every detail while introducing your novel product to the world, especially if launching it in a highly competitive market. The key to launching a successful product lies in thinking beyond the usual.

Remember, it’s the first impression that has to be perfect. Impress your target customers right away, and they will buy your product. With attractive custom rigid packaging, you can easily accomplish this goal. Don’t just trust me on this; see what research has found: One-third of the buying decisions are solely based on product packaging.

Here are some handpicked wholesale rigid boxes tips that will help you launch a successful new product.

Know Your Target Customers

When launching a product, analyzing and developing a good understanding of your audience is highly important. Successful entrepreneurs always focus on studying their ideal customers. Why? It is the best way to see maximum conversions. Ensuring excellent services in terms of product quality and eye-catching custom rigid boxes can make your customers more than happy with their purchase.

However, you can achieve this objective only by knowing your core audience. Else, you are less likely to end up sourcing the best custom rigid packaging. Assess your customers’ preferences, buying patterns, wish-listed products, and more. Once you conclude your study, put your learning into practice by developing effective rigid boxes. For instance, if your target groups are kids, try using bright hues and cartoon figures on the packaging. It’s a straight forward way to lure young ones.

Keeps Tabs on Your Immediate Competition

Competitor analysis is the need of the hour, especially if you are launching a new product in a brutally competitive marketplace. Of course, it will take you a few months or perhaps a year to carry out competitive analysis, but you can certainly yield long-term rewards.

A competitive analysis requires you to capture the following information:

  • Are your competitors offering more than one packaging at different price levels?
  • Where are they printing the brand name on their custom rigid boxes?
  • What kind of materials are they leveraging to encase their products?
  • How are they protecting the products from getting damaged?

Knowing the answers to these and other pivotal questions will help you decipher your competitors’ strategies and launch a money-making product.

Custom Rigid Packaging Must Display Complete Product Info

Embracing an unusual packaging design alone cannot make your product stand out on the retail store racks. The uniqueness must also reflect while you are encasing the product. Not only it’s an effective approach to distinguish your product from the tremendous competition, but it is also an efficient way to present your product info to potential customers. Make sure your rigid box manufacturers USA must clearly print your:

  • Logo, brand name, and tagline.
  • The product name.
  • Weight and size.
  • Manufacturing date.
  • Best before date.
  • Steps to use the product.

When your bespoke wholesale rigid boxes provide all this information about the encased product, the customers are more inclined to purchasing it and using it over and over again.

Carefully Assess Your Custom Rigid Boxes Design

If not all, a high percentage of the manufacturers believe they have the best packaging design in the whole wide world before reality pinches them. So, how to determine that you have a good custom rigid boxes design at hand? These questions will help you uncover the truth:

  • Is there ample information about the product?
  • When your customers look at your packaging, will they know where it’s from and what it is?
  • Does it have the same picture on the product and packaging?

In brief, you have to ensure your packaging partner shouldn’t misrepresent your brand or product in any way. A graphic designer or full-service packaging company can help you transform your dream custom rigid packaging into reality.

If you can make your product boxes reusable, it will do free marketing for you. For example, when customers carry a grocery tote that boasts a brand name and logo, it promotes the organization and product in front of the wider audience.