Pantone’s 2021 Color: Awesome Yellow-and-Gray Living Room Style Ideas
May 25, 2024

Pantone’s 2021 Color: Awesome Yellow-and-Gray Living Room Style Ideas



2021 is finally here! Is your living room ready?

The world has been waiting for quite a long and exhausting time for the past year to end. Now, despite the unlikeable things that happened, everybody eagerly cheers while welcoming the new year!

The Pantone color for 2021 is not just one but two. Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray are specially meant for the entire world’s hope and getting up in the new year. Although nobody exactly knows what to expect and what will come throughout 2021, these colors reflect the ability of humanity to bounce back with optimism after all the trials that have arised.

Surely, you don’t want the new year to be anticipated upon with a frown. Of course, with hope, you get ready for what’s to come. Indeed, even if the changing of calendars don’t totally change everything, everyone can still and always look forward to a brighter and better future.

If you want to feel more hopeful and to fill your home with more hopeful energies this 2021, you are free to style your house with the Pantone colors of the year. When you care so much about making your abode beautiful and significant, you will definitely love to sprinkle the colors of the year over it. There’s truly so much joy in it, and many creative homeowners can attest to that. 

To help you with this matter, below is a list of living room style ideas that incorporate the colors of the year! While it would be very nice to follow the exact shades – Illuminating and Ultimate, you can choose to have Yellow and Gray of any shade as well if that is what’s more convenient and preferable for you. Now, to finish this friendly home styling list, you better start now and keep reading! 




Nature never goes out of style. Clothing your living room with the colors of the year combined with a hint of nature will never disappoint! 

As you see from the inspiration photo above, careful attention to details is placed on designing the interiors. Space is valued very much that it is noticeable how no area looks over decorated. The colors yellow and gray match perfectly in such a way that they are not overpowering each other. You can see how that lovely characteristic is utilized from this style idea. 

The dominant color in this living room is gray, but you can assume that most people don’t immediately realize that because the way the color yellow is spread doesn’t hurt the eye and doesn’t grab all the attention. The upper portion to some middle portions of the living room are filled with gray alone, while some middle portions to the lower portions are made up of yellow stuff. This is a good idea if you want to make a wise balance between the warmth of yellow and the solidness of gray. 

Look at the ceiling. It is obviously completely plain. Now, check out the floor. That’s where the printed magic is splashed onto. That yellow carpet with grayish zigzag lines give the living room a radiant depth. A set of bright yellow pillows emphasizes the minimalism and sleekness of the gray couches in the living room. Can’t get enough of couches and sofas? You may add one or two more but of yellow color this time! 

Nature plays a comely role in this living room style because yellow is one of the colors of nature! Placing yellow authentic flowers on different spots in your living room will give a refreshing feel to it. Elegant potted greens are fabulous too! Even the plants by the windows are not too close to each other — just rightly distanced, exuding a neat and spacious charm. You may choose to use rattan and wooden center tables and side tables if you want to achieve a living room with a more natural-looking appeal! 




Geometric patterns in the living room seem to always have that interior charisma you’re looking for in a house! They are a go-to fashion for those in search of fineness and sophistication. 

This style idea as shown in the photo above puts a clear division between yellow and gray even though they are apparently spread throughout the room. Although a mix of both colors are used all around, the items don’t make the room look crowded and confusing. The reason for that is the firmness of the shades of yellow and gray (the gray here is darker than the Ultimate one.)  

Shelves are so helpful inside living rooms, most especially for homeowners who love books and who love placing home decors in them. They make things easier to get and to see. Level up the shelf game with the ones in this idea. They are individual shelves that look like pieces in the video game, Tetris. You can paint them yellow outside and black inside or the other way around. You can combine both as well. With these geometric shelves, you can put not only books and papers but also vases, frames and other ceramic decorations.

The yellow sofa is a strong point in this living room style because of its solid yellow color and plain design. The textured dark gray pillows make it livelier. The pillows and the sofa mutually emphasize each other nicely! 

If you’re a busy homeowner who wants more furniture in the living room, why not set two side tables of totally different looks but the same aura? The standard wooden side table supports that dark circular vase with bright yellow flowers in it. An eye catcher is the dark zigzag-sided side table. More tables, you say? A plain wooden center table is just perfect to prevent the room from looking too ornamented. The floor, the walls and the carpet look more of an Ultimate Gray for the same purpose.

This style idea is perfect for those who are going for a more artistic living room that doesn’t bore homeowners and guests. There’s always something stylish to look at and turn heads to. Functionality is valued but inventiveness and artistry are major priorities too! 




Just because the space looks a bit small doesn’t mean you can’t make it a chic yellow-and-gray place this year. The idea above gladly proves that! 

Women will enjoy the aura of this, but men will be captivated even more! This is certainly ideal for those who don’t want a lot in their living room but also don’t want to leave it dull and lifeless. 

The main color here is gray – obviously favored by the walls, ceiling, couches, chairs and some cushions. It becomes a powerful backdrop for the bright yellow to become even brighter, keeping the room away from that dim feel which many homeowners are avoiding. Imagine if there weren’t golden yellow curtains; the living room will just look solidly and plainly gray. Thanks to the yellow pleated curtains, the room develops a texture, and the sun shines freely well into it. 

Actually, this style doesn’t require much decorations, but you will feel that it doesn’t seem empty too. Why? The distribution of plains and prints is just clever. All couches are plain, but the pillows come in a diversity of plains and prints. There’s a smooth yellow portion up on the ceiling, and opposite to it is the yellowish brown furry carpet down on the floor. Speaking of the carpet, the cushioned center table magnetizes eyes on its own because of its pattern that gives focus inside the room. 

Because the space is not very big, a little side table can be situated near the window, and plants can be put on top. Consider installing a silver or gold sun rays mirror for an elegant look! If the walls are too plain for you, feel free to hang any picture frame or a framed artwork that suits the room unawkwardly!




Minimalism is always a good choice. New home builders, interior designers and property experts know how it is a consideration common among modern home buyers. There’s something attractive about minimalism that makes it perfect for any need and season!

A picture perfect living room is sometimes hard to achieve especially when you have a lot of stuff at home and when people living in it are a bit messy to begin with. If that is a case you can relate to, this style idea can lend a helping hand. 

As you can see, the walls in different directions are painted with two different colors, yellow and gray, of course. It exhibits a two-different-worlds kind of mood which is very creative and clear because of the two colors’ different prowesses. On both walls, black is added to give life to them and to highlight their beauty. That black irregular shelf that looks like lines drawn recklessly is a stunner! Putting such on your living room enables you to maximize and take advantage of the minimalist walls’ glamor! They contrast the walls, too, which boosts the room’s personality and strength! 

All the items and furniture placed in front of the yellow walls better be gray and of the gray ones better be yellow. That simply makes sense if you don’t want none of them to stand out. The color of the floor is somewhere between light yellow and light gray, and that’s just wise, so you don’t bring either of the walls out of place. A fluffy, furry carpet is under the glass center table with black legs. The couches and pillows are dominantly gray, yet little hints of yellow are on some pillows. This enables you to establish a clear split between the two colors of the year! 



Make your living room more 2021-nized with the colors of the year combination! There’s always a fun way to do that, but never forget to put a smile on your face and be more expectant of good things this new year!



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