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May 29, 2024

Search Engine Optimization – Why Is It Important And How Is It Done

Search engine optimization is the optimization of a website and an e-commerce site for the benefit of search engines. Before, this meant cultivating the basic form of words, hiding words, etc. But no longer today.

When doing website search engine optimization, it helps search engine crawlers crawl your website and add important things from there to search results. That is, virtually without paid advertising, your business will appear in search results.

Search Engine Optimization – How To Do It?

Many small things together affect your appearance in search engines. These little things are followed by most of the top web design companies in California:

Secure website

For the past couple of years, Google has degraded or even completely ignored websites that are not protected. That is, in practice, it means that the beginning of the web address is https instead of the former http. Browsers also respond to and warn about such an unprotected page. Today, every server space should already have such security, i.e. we are talking about an SSL certificate, but unfortunately not all server providers have this. It wasn’t until recently that the client’s server space was switched to another provider, as the switch became much cheaper than the customer paying almost €200 for that certificate.

If your website does not have security, pick up the phone and contact your server provider or website creator to get security for your website.

Website size and speed

Search engines prefer fast pages that load in just a few seconds. You can check the speed of your website online. Copy the web address of your company and select as the test site.

Website responsiveness

The effect of website responsiveness in search results is also big, because in addition to security, search engines drop out of search results web pages that are not responsive, i.e. readable on smartphones. That is, if you are viewing your home pages on a smartphone and need to zoom in and out, they are not responsive. In that case, it is worth investing a little and completely revamping the website to this day.

Website content

As we mentioned at the beginning, before search engine optimization, we did so by cultivating the basic words in the content and also hiding the content. Nowadays, if this goes to be done, crawlers will detect it and probably put your site in a so-called to the ban or blacklist.

What should its content look like then?

The content of the website should be interesting and relevant text written for a person. And that text should be at least 300-500 words, that is, quite a lot. On the other hand, when you write content for a website, you should think of it as a sales situation and therefore sell it through text. Now that you are looking at the text on your own pages, read it carefully and think about whether you would buy it based on it.

Website structure

The structure and ease of use of websites contribute to their visibility in search engines. The main principle is that a person should find what he wants to find out with a maximum of three clicks. The same goes for advertising, which means that if you sell a particular product online, don’t link the front page of your ecommerce site to the ad, but put the address of that product directly.

Links to other pages

One thing that also affects the visibility of websites is both internal and external links. External links emphasize the quality of the links, i.e. if you have a metal company, for example, a good link is for your company, for example on the partners’ websites.

Website traffic

Once a website has been created and added to the search engines, the search result can also be improved through quality traffic to the website. That is, when you get a lot of people to visit your website and have fun there, it affects your search engine rankings.