July 17, 2024

Get slim and fit – in 4 simple steps

Get slim and fit and also get beautifully defined shapes: With these 5 simple rules you can improve your training, your figure and your fitness – forever!

Sport is a bit like love: there are ups and downs. Sometimes we are in love and we can’t get enough of him. Then again he just bores us up and we prefer to avoid him. In 2020 due to this pandemic we, spend most of our time watching Netflix, kissanime, and playing video games, and this affects our fitness very badly. That doesn’t have to be bad, on the contrary: Low points can be an opportunity to rethink our approach. Why doesn’t it go on?

Is it the wrong training plan or maybe the head? Are we bored because the variety is missing – or the success?

With these 4 steps, you can get yourself and your body to outgrow yourself while exercising:

Step 1: Sweat three times for ten minutes

Spread the three workouts evenly over the week so that you have at least one day off each. Those who already feel fitter start with 20-minute units. Plan 30 minutes of daily exercise on at least two “break” days.

If you have little time, the best way to do this is to commute to work: whether you park further away, get off the bus one stop earlier or take your bike straight away – the main thing is that you are on the move for 30 minutes without sweating. Important: The first week is not about top performance, but about planning the exercise in the weekly routine and maintaining it.

Step 2: Increase slowly

If the first week has been successful, you can slowly increase your sports units. Do this carefully. For beginners, 15 minutes are enough in the second week, which is enough for the body. The 30-minute daily exercise remains the same as in the first week. Important for the second week: the body should get used to the movement.

The metabolism changes after a week or two. Ideally, at the beginning of the second week, you will find the exhaustion comfortable after each exercise. You will also gradually feel that your training is easier.

Step 3: bring variety to your training

In the first two weeks, you mainly trained your endurance. You should continue to do this with two 20-minute sessions. To do this, you should bring some variety to your training – for example with a 20-minute unit of gymnastics or strength training. If you don’t like that, you can use the third sport unit to get to know a new sport.

Rowing or tennis, for example, also strengthens the muscles and are also lots of fun. But don’t forget to warm up beforehand and stretch after your workout. This will avoid injuries.

Step 4: the challenge


In the fourth week, it is time to challenge the body more. Increase your exercise units to 30 minutes each. Choose a pace that you can keep going. So it’s better to run slowly and manage for 30 minutes at a time than a sprint and give up after 15 minutes with a stitch in your side. After the first four weeks, it’s time to take stock: Do you feel more alert and fitter? Do you enjoy the sport?

Did you feel too much or too little? Learn to listen to your body and adapt your training accordingly. Sometimes a new sport brings new motivation.

Otherwise, it means: stay on the ball and set new goals for this. Running a five or ten-kilometer competition, for example, encourages and motivates training. If you are not a competitive type, it may make sense to train with like-minded people. That also keeps you going.