June 19, 2024

Best Home Remedies to Lose Weight without Exercise

Best Home remedies to lose weight fast

Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise

  • Weight loss goals are a struggle for countless men and women. It is the standard criteria to measure the fitness and health of a person.
  • The problem with weight loss programs is that it is never easy to completely adhere to them. But home remedies, which are primarily based on diet, can increase weight loss without need for exercise.
  • The best part of the home remedies is that one can eat the all favorite food items and fruits without strict diet control.
  • The diet items which are recommended in home remedies increase weight lose through increasing metabolism rate. Let us read in detail the home remedies and its parts.

Home remedies to increase metabolism

  • It is medically proven that a high metabolism rate reduces calories even with body at rest. Nutritionists have designed a diet to increase metabolism rate. 

Protein rich diet

  • Healthcare experts suggest protein rich diets to increase metabolism rate. Our body burns calories when digesting a protein diet.
  • The rate can increase up to 100 calories per day. A protein rich diet also gives feeling full to reduce the need for more diet.  Including eggs and nuts in breakfast will ensure less eating, but full stomach.
  • Studies by nutritionists have shown that when breakfast is 30 percent protein, the overall calorie intake is very less.  Participants in study lost up to 4.9 kg weight in one month.

Increase fiber in diet

  • Fiber in diet keeps one full with less calories intake. It also keeps the stomach clean as fiber clears the digestive system. If you take soluble fiber, the food will swell in your stomach.
  • It prolongs digestive time, which keeps the need for something to eat low.
  • When appetite is reduced, the need for more calories comes down.  Berries, pears, melon, nuts, seeds, carrot, broccoli, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereals, barley etc are the best food items to keep weight in check.
  • Several of the above -mentioned items increase energy level in the body. For males, these items ensure adequate physical stamina, high virility and vigor.
  • It has come to the notice of medical experts that males on fruits and vegetables reduce the chances of erection issues. Those who depend on higher erection boosting Generic Levitra 60mg dose  can reduce their dependence by changing diet.

Increase body movements

  • It is not necessary to take a special time out for exercising. The natural way will be to increase the duration when you can move your body.
  • It could be as simple as taking stairs instead of lift, or increasing distance in walking to home from the office.
  • Health care experts have proved that every move of the body burns some energy, irrespective of rate of intensity of the move. Experts have given a name to these activities, it is known as non –exercise activity thermo genesis, NEAT. 
  • They believe that by performing regular normal activities like cleaning, mopping, or dusting, one can increase the burning of extra calories to keep weight in check.
  • Any body movement increases blood circulation by stretching blood vessels. Sedentary life reduces blood circulation leading to erection issues in males.
  • The higher erection difficulty gets aprescription by doctors. Combo of diet and physical exercise, one can reduce dose level.

Green tea throughout day  

Best Home remedies to lose weight fast without exercise

  • Nutritionists vouch for green tea as a simple home remedy for weight loss. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea have several fat destroying compounds.
  •   Polyphenols and catechins are considered most important in fat fighting. One cups several times a day increases energy expenditure through a process called thermogenesis. 
  • Experts reveal that green tea increases the rate at which fat is converted into fuel for a healthy body composition



  • Home remedies for weight loss are a carefully selected diet, which is already available at affordable cost.
  • To boost the impact, combine diet with simple exercises. But cut down on smoking, alcohol and junk food to sustain the results.