June 22, 2024


foods that are bad for your teeth

The reasons for tooth decay are the same for every age, this does not matter what’s your age-tooth decay can occur at any time at any age. Tooth decay occurs when you have a plaque with bacteria that feeds on the sugar and other sugary items- you’re adding to your diet, which can cause cavities and teeth diseases.

Reasons for plaque and tooth decay are the eating foods that are bad for your teeth. Below, you’ll learn about 3 foods that are very harmful for your teeth. You should stay away from these kinds of foods, or at least limit, to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

3 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Healthy mouth is very important for a healthy body- you should realize this. Poor oral and bad health can impact your quality of life

Following 3 foods can contribute to oral issues that can affect your well-being and damage your teeth. Here are 3 of the worst foods that are bad for your teeth:

1. Sugary, Candies and all types of sweets

Sugar, candies and almost all types of sweets are great cause of tooth diseases, tooth decay and tooth pains. Especially those sweets and candies that stay in your mouth for a while, such as caramels, lollipops, hard candies and jelly beans, make it harder for your saliva to wash away the sugar. If you need to have sweets, sugar and candies- and eat those that quickly dissolve in your mouth-so that there will be less risk of damaging your teeth. Desserts with high level of sugar, such as cookies, cakes and others–can cause of tooth decay.

If it’s necessary for you to eat sweets and you can’t control you by eating sweets then try eating them after a main meal, rather than between meals.

Important NOTE:  Must brush your teeth after you eat anything sweet if possible and keep them clean.

2. Dried Fruits ( for our teeth )

No doubt about it, dried fruits are very beneficial for us and a blessing for us but- in order of tooth decay they play a vital role in damaging our teeth. Dried fruits, like apricots, raisins and pineapple, are definitely tasty and beneficial, but consuming them regularly could lead to tooth decay and pain. Dried fruit contains highly concentrated sugar, and its texture, which is gummy-like, can cause it to cling to your teeth and directly lead to tooth decay. Another reason of tooth-pain is that dried fruits are hard on your teeth. So, you must avoid these kinds of dried fruits if you have any kind of tooth diseases

3. Soft Drinks (Soda drinks)

All soft drinks leave a very harmful effect on your teeth and lead to tooth decay- because all soft drinks, whether sugar-free or not, must contain acid. They can be damaging your teeth- can prove harmful and can lead to increased cavities and dental erosion. To keep your teeth healthier, you must avoid soft drinks. You should drink unsweetened tea or water instead. If you can’t resist drink soft drinks, immediately brush your teeth after drinking.

JUST avoid these foods if you have teeth problems and live a happy life with your healthy teeth.