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May 20, 2024

Why is Omni Channel Important?

omni channel marketing

The cohesion of marketing and sales to provide the customers with the best customer experience one could is what Omni channels are all about.

Providing the customer with an integrated customer experience whether they are shopping online via the desktop or visiting the brick and mortar outlet is the Omnichannel strategy.

It’s like whether I am purchasing a cable package online or visiting the nearest store to purchase it, I should get a seamless experience. Here’s why it is crucial:

Optimization of Channels to Fullest Potential

One of the key benefits of adding the Omnichannel experience in companies is empowering the customers. It provides customers with the ability to personalize their experience. They have the liberty to access the services, products and support options whenever they wish to.

Not everyone prefers to get stuck following a single method to make a purchase. At times, the integration of 2-3 methods is necessary. For example, a customer might call the support center of a company while having a look at the website to get some guidance.

Another scenario could be a customer walking into a shop to collect an item he ordered online. In this case, finding a customer’s information manually will delay the process. He can just show his order number and collect his parcel. Hence, speeding up the process.

Combining the Physical, Online and Offline Worlds

A perfect example of this would be a customer walking into a coffee shop and taking advantage of coupons or rewards by bringing the app to use. Another example that fits well in this scenario is that of customer service agents taking help from CRM software. While they talk to a customer on the phone or on live chat to solve the query.

Thus, combining the physical as well as offline and online worlds provide for great customer experience. Using 2-3 channels simultaneously to complete a purchase or answer a query is what Omnichannel means.

Increased Customer Loyalty

The easier that a company makes it for a customer to use multiple channels, the more the customers will prefer purchasing from the company. And more a customer prefers your brand or company, more are his chances of staying loyal to your brand. This also benefits the company because marketers would know that more a customer keeps returning to a company, less that the company has to spend on attracting the people continuously. Win-win situation.

The reason why customers are more likely to return to you is that Omnichannel provides a personalized experience. Labeling it as ‘personalized’ refers to the ability of customers to pick and choose the channels that they prefer for interacting with the company.

Inclusion of All Channels

Here is where the difference between a multichannel and Omnichannel strategy kicks in. A multichannel strategy refers to the inclusion of various channels to enable customers to make a purchase as well. But that is the only similarity between the two. The multichannel approach does not take into account the integration of all the channels used.

In contrast, the Omnichannel approach means the integration of all the channels to offer a better customer experience. It is for this reason that the Omnichannel approach is a preferable strategy. Because the multichannel approach ca leave behind anyone or more than one communication channels. And that gap can frustrate the customers.

Omnichannel makes use of every channel equally. However, it is not easy to integrate all the channels at all times. There needs to be an in-charge of every channel who helps to ensure that every channel is working in synchronization with the others.

Diversification of Audience

When a brand or company employs the use of various channels, it can reach out to a diverse pool of leads. This helps increase the opportunity as well as makes it possible for businesses to reach out to customers who only interact on a select few channels.


Businesses must use the Omnichannel approach in this era that is based on the trust economy. Customers are the ones who are in power to decide whether a company will stay for long or not. Better the customer experience, the more will be the chances of the company or brand to stay in the market for a prolonged period.

The reason that I opt for Optimum Internet only is that the company makes it easy for me to contact them. And I have the liberty to choose any channel to contact them. It depends upon my discretion. Optimum’s earned a loyal customer. And all the companies can by employing the use of the Omnichannel strategy.