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What is Defined as a Dental Emergency during COVID-19

Dental Emergency during COVID-19

The dental practices in the UK are open now to take proper care and treatment of your oral problems. Presently, the clinics ate giving more priority to emergency dental appointments and who need to visit a dentist immediately. Read on to know about necessary guidelines on how you will know whether you have a dental emergency during COVID-19 and what you should do next.


When you suffer from any of these symptoms you may probably treat the dental problem at your home or give a call at the dental practice:

  • Minor toothache that usually arrives and goes as well as leads to dull toothache
  • Severe pain in wisdom teeth without any opening of your mouth or swelling
  • Having the problem of sensitive teeth
  • Bleeding gum problems
  • Sharp pain at the time of biting
  • Mouth ulcers that are there for almost 10 days
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Missing crown
  • Orthodontic pain
  • Loose veneer
  • Sudden iscomfort at the time of wearing dentures

When you are facing minor dental ache, read further get some advice and ease dental pain at your home.

Sudden dental emergency:

You will have to call at the local dental practice quickly when you have:

  • Tooth extraction when you suffer from bleeding problems that usually lasts for not less than 20 minutes and cannot be stopped by biting on something hard into the gauze
  • Swelling of your cheeks, gums or face. If the swelling spreads further around the neck, mouth or eyes, then you should mention about it when contacting the dental practice.
  • Controlled bleeding for your facial trauma
  • Broken tooth that leads to severe damage and pain to the tongue or cheeks that cannot be managed through self-help advice
  • Mouth ulcers that have not been treated for at least two weeks
  • Get rid of the oral pain that is disturbing your concentration or sleep
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Follow self-help advice for your dental problem when the pain gets worse

These symptoms generally require contacting at the dental practice so that they can give advice for your problems. If you are in need for urgent dental care, they may ask you to go at a specific clinic for further treatment.

Accident and dental emergency:

You need to visit A&E when you have:

  • Facial swelling that may affect your breathing, vision, ability to swallow properly or prevent you from opening mouth
  • Excessive bleeding from the mouth
  • Sudden trauma that can lead to double vision, vomiting or loss of consciousness

Such symptoms are really serious that might be risky for your life. It is advised that you visit the A&E department in your area quickly for getting necessary dental care and treatment.

The safety, health condition and overall well-being of patients and their families should be the main priority at the dental practices. Sincere thanks should be given to patients as they have really cooperated with the dentists during COVID-19 situation.

As it becomes safe for the dental practices to re-open, patients will be encouraged to visit and schedule a dental appointment according to their convenience. Thus, if you experience dental emergency, it is suggested that you contact your local practice or visit at www.emergencydentistinlondon.co.uk to book an emergency appointment.  You will get telephonic support and necessary advice with urgent need from the experienced dentists. They will even direct you to the most appropriate support location when you need further dental care.