July 8, 2024

7 Tips for a wonderful Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding couple in front of a photo booth

Wonder Booth photo booth hire Johannesburg

7 Tips for a wonderful Wedding Photo Booth Experience

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A photo booth may be a wonderful item to incorporate in your wedding reception. it’ll help loosen your guests up, give them an activity to try and do once they need a break from dancing, and leave them with a fun souvenir from the fabulous night. I spoke with Johannesburg photographer Abraham Matshinge of Wonder Booth Photo Booth Hire to find out a couple of handy tips for choosing a photo booth for the massive day. Also, to find out more about Abraham and his photography, inspect an earlier interview we did with Wonder Booth Photo Booth Hire on creating unique photos for you and your groom!


  1. Decide what sort of wedding photo booth you’re trying to find.


Abraham tells us that one of the first steps in wedding photo booth success is determining what booth structure will best suit your needs. She explains that when people use the phrase “photo booth” nowadays, it can mean numerous various things. For some, it’s simply a photographer with a camera and a fun backdrop. For others, it’s an actual booth where guests enter to get their pictures taken that are often partially or completely enclosed.


  1. Match the design of your photo booth to your wedding.


Are you planning on a glamorous black-tie event for your big day, or will it just be more of a laid-back beachy affair? Will your reception be in a huge hotel with lots of space, or are you planning an outside post-ceremony celebration? Abraham tells brides it’s essential to work out the theme and feel of your wedding before choosing a photo booth to make sure the decor and booth style of both will mesh. If you’re planning an outside reception, confirm you check to ascertain if electrical outlets are going to be available for the power needs and to make use of your photo booth.


  1. determine if your booth is going to be completely self-contained.


Jade explains that a fully-enclosed or self-contained photo booth is typically the simplest way to go when it involves wedding receptions. With all the equipment that accompanies the booth, extra tables could also be needed to be established near the booth to position cords and other pieces of necessary equipment. A self-contained booth that incorporates the camera and everything else gives a much neater appearance and can take up less space in your venue!


  1. Check to ascertain if your booth has any special features.


With Wonder Booth Photo Booth Hire, Abraham tells us that a slightly large screen is provided outside the booth so guests who are waiting in line are often entertained by seeing what’s happening inside the booth. You’ll want to ascertain together with your photographer to see if the photo booth provides any extra features like this to add more fun and make your photo booth experience even more spectacular!


  1. determine what the internal section of the booth seems like.


Some photo booths provide a bench or stool for your guests to take a seat on while getting their photos taken while others have users simply stand. Abraham tells us to make certain to see out the inside of your photo booth before the massive day in order to make sure your seating preferences are prepared as well as see what percentage of people can slot in the booth at per time.


  1. Ask the photo booth provider how you and your guests will receive images.


While sitting within a photo booth adorned with a hot pink boa and sunglasses and flashing your cheesiest grin is certain to be a blast, you and your guests will really be looking forward to all the images that come afterward! Jade encourages brides to ask to check samples of photo booth images beforehand to ascertain what their printouts will appear as if and inspect any custom templates, fonts, and backgrounds the photographer could also be ready to provide. You are bound to ask if guests will be able to receive printouts of images right after their photo is taken or if they’ll need to check their photos online and download them.


  1. Determine the length of the hours the photo booth is going to be needed and how flexible the provider is going to be with time if your photo booth needs change throughout the night.


Abraham explains that it’s essential to work out a time-frame for the utilization of the photo booth in your reception. Because your guests are likely to have such a wonderful time using the booth, you’ll want to ascertain with the photographer to see how much extra it’ll cost if you made the decision to keep the booth around for a little while longer than originally intended. Additionally, you ought to make certain to see if the time allotted includes set-up and take-down of the booth, or if that’s something the photographer will arrive early and stay late to take care of.