July 17, 2024

Top True Wireless EarBuds of 2021 | Sony, Bose, Apple, Sennheiser, Jabra, Samsung

True Wireless EarBuds in 2021

We’ve got about 2000 Euros worth of earbuds to go through and depending on what you do and what you like, we may have something for each of you. We’ve to give full reviews of all these buds before, so they’re linked down below. 


We won’t get into details in this blog, but we’re feeling generous, so we’re giving out 13 awards. The award categories are Best Wireless Earbuds for Audio Quality – I have to give this to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2. 


Great, accurate representation of instruments while still being musical. I think Airpods Pro and Sony WF 1000 XM3 also come quite close. But Sennheiser does better on detail and sound stage and there’s something very refined about it, which the Airpods Pro also approaches, but doesn’t quite achieve.

True Wireless EarBuds in 2021

Sony’s take a very different approach – more excited – they have a slight peak in the treble and that for me puts them in a very close second place. Best Bass Earbuds For real bass heads – you can’t go wrong with the Jabra Elite 85T, very thumpy with decent bass and sub-bass extension even at lower volumes. But not the most accurate and it can border on muddled.


Works good for EDM tracks and actually not bad for old 90s classic metal recordings as well. The toms sound more impactful but less realistic. Sony and Sennheiseralso do well here and both can be EQ’d if you don’t like the stock tuning. 


Best ANC earbuds till the end of this year, we thought the Airpods Pro had the best ANC, but then Bose came along and blew everyone out of the water with their Quiet Comfort buds. By far the best ANC we’ve tested on earbuds. Best value for money premium ANC true wireless? On balance we think that 2 really stand out. 


The Sony WF 1000 XM3 has great sound, ANC and is often discounted. They punch way above their price class. If you’re into fitness, the Jabra Active 75T is a good choice and you guys seem to think so as well. Best earbuds for ComfortIf you’re in need of buds to wear for long periods of time, then the less ear canal penetration, the better. These are either going to be the Samsung Earbuds in 2021 Live or the regular AirPods1 or 2.

True Wireless EarBuds in 2021

Since they’re very light and sit at the entrance of your ear canal, we almost forget we have them in. But if you’re looking for comfort in combination with a more secure fit and better seal then the Airpods Pro and Jabra Elite 85Ts are our picks. Both of them have oval-shaped ear tips and have a semi-open design so you don’t have the nasty occlusion effect. 


True Wireless Earbuds for Calling Whether you’re on a lot of video or normal calls you need your buds to be your best friend. In our extensive testing, we can recommend the Bose QC Earbuds as they performed the best in a variety of conditions like a quiet environment, a noisy situation, and the wind blowing at the buds. 


If however, the Bose doesn’t appeal to you then a close second place is taken by the Apple AirPods Pro and Sennheiser MTW2 and .. well… Everything else really. Well.. except the Sony WF-1000XM3. Yeh… Sony is n’t big on phone calls. 


Best earbuds for Looks For you fashionistas out there who happen to be foodies too, we’d pick the Samsung Beans, I mean the Galaxy Buds Live! The variety of colors, shiny finish on the outside, and sleek design make them quite the looker. 


However, if you’re after form with function then you can still catch a few glances by wearing the Jabra Elite 85Ts or Active 75Ts. Both offer an unobtrusive design without them protruding too far out of your ears. Best earbuds for working from home Unless you’re trapped in the Apple ecosystem and let points to Kevin and the Jabras work great for us because they have excellent microphone quality, good battery life, and can connect to two devices simultaneously like a phone and a laptop. 


Best earbuds for extra features we’ll give this one to the Jabra Elite 85T – auto-pause, a solid app with full control over ANC, EQ, find my buds, customizable button presses, custom profiles, control treble and bass on incoming voice during calls – it’s got some great features we actually used. Actually, most earbuds except Apple would be in second place. 


Let’s go on to fixability and future-proofing. In a world where we’re consuming like the earth is an unlimited resource, we find this to be an important point. Sennheiser’s commitment to production is evident not only in their production processes but also in the fact that they sell spare parts like an individual bud if you need it and you can do some minor repairs. 


Apple commits to the environment as well, but not so much the repairability of their devices. Best Earbuds for working out Hands down the best earbuds for workouts has got to go to the Jabra Elite 75T Active. I have worn these several times on runs and they fit very well and didn’t fall out. Another added bonus is that these are the only buds we have here which are IP57 rated making them “waterproof” and can take immersion into water and resist some dust too.


Best Earbuds for Android UsersYou own an Android phone? Get the Jabra Elite 85T because it’s really the whole package. It’s highly capable with phone calls including the ability to increase/decrease volume on the buds as well as mute calls. They’re also comfortable and fit well for long periods of time AND they work great with multiple devices. 


Best Earbuds for Apple Users You got an iPhone? Haha, I mean come on .. is there even a contest? Apple Airpods Pro for sure – the easy pairing, seamless device switching, and deep integration with Apple devices is just unmatched. Best ‘headphone replacement’ buds If you don’t want big clunky headphones and want a pair of earbuds instead – go with the Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds. 


You get the advantages of headphones in a relatively smaller form factor such as awesome active noise canceling, comfort, and long battery life. So what are my favorite earbuds? For me, it’s very important to have good noise-canceling, great on phone calls, and just overall easy usability. 


So my pick would go to the Apple AirPods Pro and because Rohan said I am kind of stuck in that Apple ecosystem at the moment, so it’s an easy choice. So which earbuds do I reach for? Well if you took away all the earbuds that we have and made me pick one I think at this moment in time I would choose the Jabra Elite 85Ts and let me explain.




These days I’m mainly at home working from home and I need to connect to multiple devices so the Jabras do that, they have excellent microphone quality I’m on a lot of phone calls these days the Jabras do that well, and even when I’m not working I have two phones an iPhone and an android phone and Jabras can switch between those two devices as well.


But when it comes to music I still reach for the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 there’s just something about listening to music on them that I enjoy so much and luckily for me I don’t have to choose. Those were our favorite earbuds of 2020 – all the full reviews of this plus, Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! You’ve been awarded a prize for making it to the end, and we’ve been GoodBye!