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May 29, 2024

Top Liverpool Destinations for Your Whole Family

Feeling the urge to take the whole family out on a minibus Liverpool adventure? Well, why wait? With a plethora of destinations awaiting your arrival, seize the opportunity to revel in the city of Scousers!


Liverpool is a city of treats for those who enjoy culture, music, art, and socialization. It’s no secret that the city is renowned for its hospitable etiquette. Apart from the accent and linguistic phrases that emphasize the sense of humor, Scousers are friendly and helpful people that are an absolute delight to meet.


Top Liverpool Destinations for Your Whole Family


So, let’s dive into the top destinations in Liverpool that you and your whole family can enjoy:


The Croxteth Hall


If the sun is out and you’re in for a fun picnic, take a trip to Croxteth Hall. Not only is it an architectural heritage, but it was also home to the Earls of Sefton, the Molyneux family. You can enjoy the sights of the hall itself or the Victorian walled garden. Although you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of hiring a minibus, make the most of the £17 ticket that you’ll have to buy at Croxteth Hall. Set down for the picnic at the 500-acre county park that also comprises the Croxteth Local Natural Reserve. The lush green landscape and natural aesthetic will make for a fine day out.


The Interesting Eating Company:


This is a place that is coming up in the ranks as a public favorite with thousands of locals frequenting the restaurant. Featuring almost all inoffensive family food items in their menu, The Interesting Eating Company is definitely worth trying. Located conveniently on Allerton Road, this diner will serve you the absolute best pancakes, soup, and handmade ice-creams.


The Royal Albert Dock:


Albert Dock is the first structure in Britain to be constructed without the use of wood. Instead, cast iron, brick, and stone were used to erect this historic landmark. Due to the lack of wood in the infrastructure, it also became the first non-combustible warehouse system in the whole world.


For families, this place boasts of entertainment and pleasure with hundreds of retailers and commercial shops lining the docks. You can also find top-notch restaurants and cafes on the side serving all kinds of tasty treats. If you arrive at a festivity or any other event being held at night, you can witness amazing lighting and fireworks in the distance. Also situated close by is the Beatles Museum that all fans never miss a chance to visit. Housing all the memorabilia associated with the band’s aesthetics, the museum is worthy of visiting at least once.


FACT (Foundation of Art and Creative Technology)


Although people aren’t initially excited about going here, they almost always regret not staying longer. That’s because FACT is Liverpool’s pride and joy when it comes to supporting film, art, and new media in the UK. Not only are they always sponsoring new artists and paving the way to their success, but they also host events that are both, family-friendly as well as interactive and engaging.


Your kids will love the chance to be a part of the Kids’ Club Film that premiers their favorite movies. Moreover, FACT also provides kids with a chance to play games organized by them along with other activities related to their favorite movie franchises. So, hire a minibus with a driver in Liverpool to get going with your family!


World Museum

As the name suggests, it’s an all-encompassing destination that offers a deep look into the history of the whole world. Housing some of the most historic fossilized artifacts and sculptors that have entertained generations of people, the world museum will surely be a memorable trip for your loved ones.


Nestling centuries-old Egyptian mummies and fossils of extinct creatures such as the collection of dinosaurs on display will certainly give your kids something to remember. With more being added to the museum’s itinerary, you can be sure that the aquarium and planetarium of the museum will certainly have more to show in years to come. The museum administration encourages youth to take part in activities and events and if you’re in town during one, make sure to have your kids participate.


Liverpool ONE:


If you have a mind for shopping, you’ll adore the time you spend at Liverpool ONE. Make sure to keep your kids near you as the entertainment attractions are bound to divert their focus and attention. The large Lego store, the Jungle Rumble, Odeon Cinema, and countless eateries are present to make sure you have nothing less than the best time. The total number of outlets includes almost 170 stores, bars, and restaurants.


While Liverpool ONE is a residential sector that offers great housing units, it’s known mostly for its commercial and leisure attractions. Moreover, it also nestles within itself another popular picnic spot in Chavasse Park. This is a place that hosts children’s activities throughout the year. In fact, this is a place where the more kids you have, the more they’ll enjoy. So, don’t hesitate to get a 7 or 8seater taxi in Liverpool to bring about everyone!


Liverpool Cathedral:


There’s no better place than the Liverpool Cathedral. The Church of England Cathedral of the Diocese of Liverpool, as it is referred to, is dedicated to Christ in especial ‘remembrance of his most glorious Resurrection. It’s is the longest cathedral in the world, spanning almost 207 yards with an internal length of 160 yards. Compared globally, it’s the fifth-largest church in terms of volume.


Surely, everyone can appreciate the architectural marvel that this grand structure is. Irrespective of beliefs, it’s truly a historic place that holds clear significance in the cultural and historical context of not just the UK, but the whole world as well. Therefore, it’s also been preserved and maintained as such.




Liverpool is a great city to have fun with your friends and loved ones. While the list above may not be exhaustive, it certainly lays out a clear plan for everyone to enjoy. This begs the question, why wait?