July 9, 2024

Top 5 Free Software to Use for Making Doodles

Making Doodles

Doodling is a fantastic means through which we can be inventive without debilitating our mental resources. Doodles can be of both types of videos that are short and fun, just as pictures that were made without much effort. Whiteboard animations are extraordinarily incredible in catching the viewer’s consideration. These recordings have an artist draw out doodles as a narrator speaks. Traditionally, however, these kinds of videos required artist skills and an overhead camera to catch the time-lapsed doodles. This was both tedious and required some level of creativity. In any case, with the assistance of this software, it is currently too simple to make your animations.


Renderforest is free software that has a whiteboard animation feature. Its adaptable abilities incorporate an animation, cartoon, and whiteboard which maker can be used in web designs. The best part is that there is a free plan accessible. Regardless of named as software, Renderforest is browser-based, so there is no compelling reason to download and install anything. There are more than 1,000 whiteboard animation scenes that are prepared to utilize and customize. Not at all like other whiteboard animation software, the editing capacities of the scenes are somewhat restricted, so you can only edit certain zones on the canvas. It accommodates 500 MB free storage, and you can also add customize colors to images. Renderforest, by permitting you to review your video and edit it before rendering, you can fix any errors that you might not have seen until you saw the result. With the Forever Free plan, you can make videos as long as 3 minutes in length with the utilization of a predetermined number of resources. Video sends out are limited to 360p quality, and they likewise contain a watermark. If you later choose to move away from these limitations, there are additionally various premium plans to suit your requirements.

Raw Shorts:

Raw Shorts is another online video maker that can create whiteboard animations and doodles and further provides thousands of whiteboard-style templates, graphics, unique characters, and more Raw Shorts, as Renderforest, works totally through an internet browser. The free plan permits you to make 3 short recordings every 2 minutes in length, every month. These recordings will likewise have a watermark and will be in 480p resolution. It provides 100 MB free storage. It also contains 6 media libraries. It has Easy manipulation of images with drag and drop feature and provides the feature of animated charts; to further enhance your content. There is a free demo available to let you make a whiteboard animation video. On the off chance that you move up to their top-notch plans, beginning at $39 every month per annual billing, at that point, these limitations begin to diminish.


Animaker is an online video maker that can be utilized for whiteboard animations. More than 1000 brands use this whiteboard animation software. The free Animaker plan empowers you to make standard definition quality videos of as long as 2 minutes. You can export up to 5 videos every month; each will contain an Animaker watermark. Just as the standard whiteboard background, with Animaker there is additionally the alternative to make blackboard, notebook, glass board, and even stitch board videos. Moving up to a premium plan is additionally genuinely modest, with costs beginning at just $12 every month.


Recommended by an assignment writing service, Animiz’s free plan is truly outstanding around for making whiteboard animation videos and doodles. Animiz, in contrast to the other free software, is a real software and has the best set of features for a free version. Without paying a penny, you get an enormous 10 GB of free cloud storage, and it also has greater than 500 image resources. There are additionally no restrictions on the length of recordings and the number of recordings that can be made utilizing Animiz. Regardless of this, videos are exported in standard definition that is 576p only and has a watermark attached.  The watermark can be eliminated by moving up to their premium plans, which start at $29 every month.

Powtoon – Top Doodle Maker:

On the off chance that you need to make a whiteboard animation video rapidly or doodles, you can pick this free whiteboard video producer. You can utilize Powtoon to make a presentation with a short video type. It will be more captivating than just pictures. If you are new to the whiteboard animation field, you can go to a live online course and learn training center knowledge to begin making an animation without any problem. You can utilize the free whiteboard animation software to make up to 3 mins in HD quality. The storage capacity is 100 MB. You can utilize royalty-free music to make your whiteboard animation great. It incorporates free to use an object to touch up video.