Each and every divorce varies. Some of the divorces are easy, and there are some which are very difficult. If both the partners stay civil, also co-operate, then the ex-couple can go through a divorce procedure more easily and quickly. But, if the divorce seems acrimonious, then the entire divorce procedure may take longer, and also cost more.

Divorces are difficult to make, but at times they can be the healthiest option left. If you are thinking of ending your marriage, then there are reasons, for determining you need a divorce. Filing for the divorced can be the best option if staying in the relationship does more harm than good. So, when exactly it is conformed that divorcing is the only way out?

  1. Excess of negative interactions

According to the social psychologists, not the severity, but the number of disagreements should indicate the need for the divorce. You should always focus on the rule of five positive interactions in place of one negative interaction. Weigh the positive interactions against the negative ones, and then think of the divorce. If you notice that you have more negative interactions, then it is high time that you should consult Divorce lawyers.

  1. The difference in the values

There are couples having different opinions and successfully manage marriage. These couples generally search for common grounds in the shared values. Think of going for de facto law when there is absolutely no scope of sharing same values; where other person’s values are so different that you will never get any common ground.

If your partner values large family, but you stress on achieving your career goals, then there may raise the need for a divorce, until and unless both the partners alter their values. During interactions, you may also find that your partner isn’t optimistic about the future, and holds a negative value about you, and then you should go for the option of divorce, using the de facto law.

  1. Marriage counselling isn’t proving to be a good idea

Marriage counselling sessions are a great way of deciding on a solution to a problem. These sessions are also great when it comes to getting valuable 3rd party. These sessions also save a lot of marriages each year. Marriage counselling will only work if both parties are committed equally for the counselling session to work.

If your partner isn’t committed to saving the marriage, you should notify the counsellor about this. If the couple is going through a session for a long time, with no positive sign of progress, then it can be a strong indicator of divorce. Prior to filing for a divorce, both the parties should first work jointly for fixing the issues in the marriage so that after the divorce, there is no scope for regret.

  1. Being unfaithful

If one of the partners finds that the other partner has pursued relationship by going outside the marriage, then filing for a divorce can be an option. While there are many clients who can recover from the pain, others may select the option of Divorce lawyers as the last resort. Having an idea about when to file for a divorce is all about timing.

Marriage counselling sessions can help in determining whether the marriage can withstand an affair, or whether one should start thinking about divorce. Being unfaithful is enough for destroying a happy marriage. Often the marriage counselling sessions are not enough for re-building the lost trust, and hence de facto lawyers Perth are the only option left.

Signs for filing for a divorce

There are several couples who appoint a divorce lawyer, while they are still pursuing marriage counselling. Although going for a divorce lawyer even before deciding the date of divorce, may appear as counter-productive, De facto lawyers can actually be a great option.

Your appointed lawyer may have worked with hundreds of couples, in the past, and may also have provided with the needed information on the correct divorce time, or whether the complexities can be resolved, using the way of separation or divorce. There are few lawyers who may also recommend going for temporary separation for providing both the parties some room to breathe in. There are several clients who have decided for staying together, after seeing a divorce lawyer, engaging in a separation of trial. In the year 2017, there were over 40000 divorces in Australia.

  • The emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion is in most of the cases the final symbol that both the parties need a divorce. When one selects the option of marriage counselling, one should always apply the methods to retain a relationship. However, if you are feeling drained, and then divorce may be the only option for salvaging the emotional health. When both the partners from the relationship check out of the relationship, then there remains very little scope of finding a solution for the marital issues.

  • Abuse

There can never be an excuse for emotional, physical or sexual abuse. If you are getting abused, day by day, then you should better opt for a divorce then staying in the relationship. The institution of marriage is all about creating a perfect home for both the parties and not an ownership certificate. If any of the partners is being abused, then one shouldn’t feel about going for a divorce.

Don’t feel bad about the fact that the other spouse won’t get to see the kids anymore. Sometimes the people who do injustice deserve to be punished. And the children will see no more abuse. Marital abuse is the strongest reason for divorce.


There can times when the anger and pain from a relationship can result in a very bad scenario, thus you should consult the divorce lawyers Perth WA. There can be signals that it is high time that you should get out of the relationship.

In most cases, couples who hit and harm each other, consider getting a divorce. At times, getting a divorce is the best option left. Get suggestions from divorce lawyers Perth WAas they can help you sail through the entire journey amicably.