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May 28, 2024

The Significance of the South Indian Jewellery for Indian Women

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Indian Jewellery is an integral part of the Indian women’ adornment. Jewellery has always been the identity of women’s splendor and grandiosity. We often see that our gods, goddesses and legends wear such heavy jewellery to show their glory and dignity. Every single piece of jewellery plays an important role in beautifying and glorifying the natural beauty of a woman whether it is a ring, Mangalsutra or necklace, kamarband, bajuband, bracelets, or anklet.

South Indian people give more importance to their tradition and culture. The South Indian jewellery, especially the gold ones are really famous around the globe and reflect the true Indian Culture. Not only in India, but people from Europe and US also admire the looks and beauty of the South Indian jewellery.

So here I am going to tell you about the overall South Indian Jewellery set:

  1. Mangalsutra or Holy Indian Necklace

Mangalsutra is a traditional piece of jewellery worn by married Hindu women, which denotes the marital status of the women. Also, an Indian wedding would not be considered a complete wedding without the Mangalsutra Ritual. Husband and wife take oath to live together not only for lifetime but the next 7 lives while Mangalsutra Ceremony.

  1. Armlets or Bajuband 

Banuband is related to the women empowerment. It is the epitome of the ability, strength and virtues of a woman. Bajuband also known as Vanki and denotes the temple sanctum of Goddess Lakshmi. It is supposed that not only us humans but Indian gods also wear the Bajuband to state their strength and power. You can buy an artificial bridal Bajuband with price at online stores.

  1. Bangles or Bracelets

Bangles are most commonly used ornamental jewellery in Indian Tradition. Bangles can be worn by married or unmarried women; it just adds a tradition look to your appearance. The colors of the bangles are also having their importance. Where red bangles are the symbols of ritualistic and sacred dressing, the green bangles represents the fertility and prosperity. Gold bangles signify the splendor and majestic symbols.

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How we can say that a women is fully dressed until she wears a set of earrings. Empty ears don’t look good, the golden South Indian Earrings set with price adds four moons in your appearance. Wearing earrings also has a sacred point of view in Indian culture. If you want to go with the tradition then you can try buying South Indian Earrings Set with price at online stores.

  1. Anklets

The anklets are now became a fashion accessory for women but in traditionally it has its own values. It is believed that women used to wear the anklets which make noise so that men or elders can came to know that she is nearby and coming. So, they can adjust themselves ad welcome the women with the respect.

The skilled hands of designers mold precious metals to create luxurious collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even jewelry, so that these artistically crafted metals can later find their ideal woman, who will adorn their beauty with a jewel that will tell you.