July 10, 2024

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Business? Have you ever thought of being independent? The seen scowl that lasts for an hour? I have, and that description fits my cousin Jill who seems to be an expert in scowling! Nobody, except perhaps, her parents, likes to be near her for she makes the worst companion in the world. Her most significant flaw lies in her ability to ‘ control her temper, and she is someone who’ is an attempt to do so either—widely known among “: as the “Incredible Hulk”, Cousin Jill remains relatives to what people say about her. You would nor like to be with her or anywhere near her when she angry! Her volatile mood swings from one end to another.

One moment you see her smiling, the next moment you see her snarling at someone! I learnt what unpredictability and inconsistency mean through her. We had lunch once at a nearby hawker centre, and you should have seen her reaction when somebody walked past as and knocked her accidentally on her shoulder with a badminton racket. I was enjoying my noodles when suddenly she blew her top and shouted at the passer-by. I could have choked on the noodles if I were not careful! She glared at the culprit and after calling you eyes open!” demanded an apology. I was embarrassed and urged her not to be too unreasonable, as the place was rather crowded.


She refused to dismiss it as an accident and grumbled for at least half an hour over it. “Jill, Jill, how merciless could you get?” I whispered to myself. Recently, she spent her weekends at my place, and we studied together in the evenings. What a dreadful I mistake to have invited her over!

While at the stage of not understanding what the basic concept in the relevant book is then she is to read in a book, she flung it.

Hard on the floor and exclaimed hotly, “Stupid Book”. Why wouldn’t she admit her stupidity in failing to understand the concept instead of shifting the blame to the author? When she wrote something on her book and decided to reject it, she would furiously tear the page out, crush it and send it towards the wall before putting it in the waste paper basket.

Independent business standings

Why should she use up so much energy for something so trivial?

Her explosive moments surprised me initially, but with such high-frequency rates, I have mastered the skill to stay calm and collected after that. I did complain to my parents that Cousin Jill’s temper is far from being commendable, with the attempt to put a stop to her future visits.
Unfortunately, my parents were too polite to reject her visits to our place. I doubt they understand since they are never the victims of her untamed temper.


I hope it isn’t contagious in any way or I may unconsciously become like her! It is incredible how Cousin Jill never seems to evaluate herself in this light. Ironically she has not a pint of guilt about her temper. She is undoubtedly a “lady of fury”, and I do wish she would realise how disgusting and horrifying her character is. Perhaps, she needs someone who can be honest and effective in correcting her, what she needs. Is a good smacking! You will probably not believe me if I were to reveal that even her parents are a little frightened of her explosive moments. They wonder sometimes will ever succeed in the “taming. What are your thoughts?


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