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South Africa’s 10 best places to visit

The perfect destination for people who are into Adventure and Nature, South Africa has so many exciting activities to offer from off-roading on a safari to swimming with great white sharks. Not persuaded yet, South Africa is a proud owner of a rare and wonderful variety of wildlife, stunning vineyards, and majestic mountains. Often called “The World in One Country” South Africa has so much to give, So to make your life easier we are jotting down the 10 Best Places To Visit In South Africa. Exploring time!


Cape Town


Cape Town is South Africa’s legislative capital, and nobody visiting South Africa certainly should miss it. It has a perfect blend of African with European cultures, also known as ‘Mother’s City.’ Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Table Mountain, Robben Island, and Two Oceans Aquarium are among the main places to visit from Cape Town.


Kruger National Park


The Kruger National Park is without any doubt one of South Africa’s best places to explore. Here, we’ll quench all our wilderness thirst. It is one of South Africa’s largest and oldest national parks. It is so big that you must remain in each of the Jungle Resorts for at least two or three days to get an idea of their size and their fullest experience. This is the perfect spot to see the Big 5 on game drives. The five most daunting species to be hunted at foot are the Big 5: Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Cape Buffalo. While hunting is no longer prevalent, in their natural environment you can see them.




The beautiful coastline of Hermanus is named after a small town with panoramic views and a lovely coastal road. This city is regarded as the ‘Best Seeing Place in South Africa for whales and dolphins’ and certainly lives to its current reputation. From Hermanus, you will go on a watching whale boat tour and get close to these magnificent creatures. Wheat watching is not feasible all year round. Whales are primarily visible from June to December and therefore prepare for this reason.




Johannesburg’s history, the largest city in South Africa, dates from the 19th century. It’s quite difficult to believe this vibrant modern city originally began as a settlement for gold mining. While at Johannesburg, make sure you visit the former prison complex where, at some stage in South African history, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and tens of thousands of others have been imprisoned here. Johannesburg is not to be missed, because it has become one of the new cities in South Africa and at the same time displays the beauty of its culture and history.


Boulders Beach


This beach is named for its white sand and large spaced boulders and is home to over 2000 African penguins. This is a great place to spend the summers with your mates. You may not be the best place to see the penguins at Boulder’s Beach. Using the boardwalks from the beach boulders to Foxy Beach to get next to the mangoes. Please make sure that you are not too close because the beaks are sharp.


Blyde River Canyon


One of the biggest canyons in the country, the Blyde River Canyon has a spectacular waterway over the red sandstone cliffs. You can also go down to the River and go on a boat tour where if you get lucky enough you can find a hippotamus or two. Take breathtaking pictures from the canyon ridge.




South Africa is an enchanting place to visit, a tiny and beautiful town on the Knysna lagoon. Knysna is surrounded by state forests that are ideal for a large variety of adventures, including walking or mountain biking. The National Reserve of Featherbed is situated across the lagoon and has an outside restaurant covered by giant milkwood trees from the natural elements. Their dense canopy protects it from rain and sunshine. Purchase a meal there and soak yourself in the natural beauty.


Cape Point


It is also a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO, also noted for its stormy weather and rugged seas. Cape Floral is just 0,5% of Africa, but it also comprises more than 20% of the plant species in the continent. Remember that the air in this area is one of the cleanest in the world.


The Garden Route


Garden Route considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful routes, it is about 200 km from Mossel Bay to Stromsriver. In just half a day you can drive around, but you can see nothing more than sitting in a car, which is why our idea is to take a few days to explore this place. Some of the best places to visit are Storms River, National Park Tsitsikamma, the Nature Reserve of Robberg, and Knysna.


Addo Elephant National Park


The Addo Elephant National Park is one of the most varied game parks on earth and is home to Big 7, such as elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino plus big, white sharks. It began with only 4000 acres, but now protects over 1,86,000 acres that makeup two islands. It has only a very modest start. Many of the species living in the park, including lions, hyäna, guitars, and mountain zebras, have been good.