June 12, 2024
Rocky IV Rocky Balboa Jacket

The 1980s has been an era of thriller films and since then the movie makers have aced the art of turning actors into stars and sensations. Not only these films left an impact on the audience but also became an inspiration for a lifetime in terms of outfits.


Let me take you back to 1985 when a sports drama film was created starring Sylvestor Stallone and the movie was named Rocky IV. 


Little about the film, it was a sports drama involving boxing and a story plot about a boxer but what were the catchy elements of the movie including the styling of the main character, dressing throughout the film, film set, and the rest is history.


Now a star as big as Sylvestor, the movie gains an upgrade even before the release since an actor with a global fanbase was cast however there were somethings other than the lead actor that convinced people into watching this movie. Before I tell you about it let me state one more detail which is that some movies are watched and loved because of the wardrobe that has been designed for the characters while this is not the reason every time, in Rocky IV this was one of the many reasons.


For everyone who has watched the film would know where this blog is headed to but for those who do not know I’m about to talk about the leather jacket that became a huge demand in the local market after the fame of this film. 


The Rocky IV Leather Jacket was what became the center of attention for many, not only because of the hero who carried it but also because of the jacket’s stitchery and design which is still in trend (well, that credit goes to the leather of the jacket).


Okay, so without any further delay let me tell you it was a black and white leather jacket with real leather on the outside and faux fur lining on the inside. Diving into further more details, the jacket exhibited a zippered front closure and a belt fastener at the hemline. Moreover, the white faux fur was lined through the lapel collar and was visible from the cuffs and the waistline while the pockets were on the waist. Now all these comprehensions on a physique fit leather jacket look nothing but intriguing and especially when the model is Sylvestor Stallone.


I could’ve enlisted more details about this item of clothing but I preferred not to because a few days back when I looked on the internet to buy some clothes (in the least price though) I came across this store the Famous Jackets that was marketing a distinct range of Movies leather jackets which grabbed my attention and that was the precise time when I looked for the Rocky IV Leather Jacket on this shop and guess what? I found the exact one! This came to me as a surprise since the jacket was a screen-accurate revelation from an old film and usually, we do not expect contemporary fashion brands to sell something vintage these days.


Here I will reveal the reason for being skimpy about the jacket’s description which happens to be the pictures on this store’s main profile. If you look at the sample photos provided you will see how descriptive the stitching of the jacket is with definitive back yoke and stitch lines on the sleeves while as you can see the pockets are double-lined slide pockets and the zipper is a branded YKK one, this clearly shows the focus the makers have put into the tailoring of this blazer.

This was about the product, now let’s come to the pricing. The price of the Rocky IV Leather Jacket is nothing that touches the sky which is the major reason why I would recommend you to buy from the Famous Jackets. See, your product can be bought from whatever place you want to but the cost you will have to pay for it is the main deal and making sure that one does not end up in debts for a leather jacket, these guys have come up with such cost-effective prices.