June 12, 2024

Popular attractions in the Philippines

Philippines Top Attractions

Popular attractions in the Philippines

Philippines Top Attractions
Philippines Top Attractions

The Philippines is a beautiful country with a beautiful background and thousands of islands to explore. It is an ideal destination for your vacation in 2021. With so many islands and landscapes, you will fall in love with everything from white sand beaches to emerald green forests.


Cebu Island

Cebu Island is one of the most famous places in the Philippines due to its geographical location and proximity to the international airport. The island is full of exciting things that you can see and do, besides, Cebu is crowned as the party capital of the Philippines-perfect if you want to participate in a lively night. You can also visit local restaurants and taste fresh seafood.



The natural scenery of Ui Ryu Island is unspoiled, which is almost touched by people, which is why it is called the “paradise” of the Philippines. You will find tranquil waterfalls and ancient caves that contrast with the golden sands and clear waters. This Neverland is an ideal choice for couples or solo travelers, keeping you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Put on hiking boots because you can hike in tropical jungles and fields.



Palawan Island is located in the western part of the Philippines and is generally considered magical due to its charming lagoons, cliffs, waterfalls and other natural wonders scattered throughout the area. This beautiful island has been attracting tourists for years-you must visit to see why!



Nature lovers, you will not find another island like this in the Philippines. Moalboal is full of perfect activities for adventurers, from exploring deep canyons to discovering hidden waterfalls and more. If you like hiking, then you must go on a hiking trip on the island to see the magnificent Kawasan Falls! Don’t forget your camera.



Luzon is located in busy Manila, so it is often overlooked by tourists. Many tourists think that Luzon will be too crowded. However, once you set foot on this amazing destination, you will not be disappointed. If you want to enjoy the scenery on foot, the hiking trails here offer panoramic views. To Pico de Loro (Pico de Loro), climb Mt Palay (Mt Palay), you can also camp here and spend a night close to nature.


El Nido

El Nido is known as one of the most popular attractions in the Philippines. Although it is enthusiastically sought after by tourists, its beauty and charm are still intact. It is said that some of the best scenery can be found from El Nido (not only in the Philippines, but also in the world), so be sure to bring a camera. You can take a catamaran to explore the magnificent island, making you spend an unforgettable time.



Bohol is full of activities you can enjoy for locals and tourists. In the dense forest, you can hike and discover secret locations, rivers used by local fishermen, and explore waterfalls that have never been seen before. You may also find handicraft shops in the area to buy souvenirs. The best way to visit the island is to ride a bike and explore this place-why not mingle with the locals?



When you reach this small island, you may never want to leave. Bantayan provides everything for all travelers. The island is full of nightclubs and weird attractions, and your adventurous party is always looking for a wealth of activities. It is nicknamed the volcanic island and is famous for cliff jumping. In addition, you will find some spectacular mountain trails that take you into the heart of the tropical forest, which is ideal for your unbiased.



is. If you are still looking for white sand beaches, then your voyage ends here in the Calaguas Islands. The option of camping near the beach is exhilarating, most people leave the comfort of the resort and cling to the sound of rolling waves. Whether you plan to spend a romantic night with your loved ones or love nature and its surroundings, camping under the starry sky is another highlight.



Many of the top attractions in the Philippines can be found on Malalison Island in the Antique Province. If you have been waiting to explore popular adventure activities, including snorkeling, trekking in the jungle, exploring caves and more, then you will not miss this charming island. Even better, hire a professional tour guide and take a tour so you can absorb everything you can see. Feel inspired to book a paradise island escape? Book cheap flights to the Philippines at Crystal Travel and we will tailor the dates to suit your holiday, budget and requirements-at special prices! Call us now to plan your Philippines holiday. Compare Flight Bookings Prices To Philippines And get Up To 30% Off .