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A British secret agent working for MI6, and the greatest spy, who goes by the code name 007, finds himself on the paths of deceit, treason, and danger as the past unravels in ways that could harm everything he has worked for, along with his future.James Bond is the most renowned character of Hollywood. With 25 films in the series, the Bond movies are to die for with action, thrill, suspense, and great performances. Skyfall was a 2012 release, and the 22nd installment of the James Bond series. It was popular for its plot, story-line, stellar performances, and the amazing fashion.

The Jacket Was Distressed

The James Bond Skyfall Leather Jacket is named after the distressed brown leather jacket that Bond wears throughout the climax of the movie. The jacket is rugged and distressed much like Bond’s appearance with the messy beard to represent the intensity, danger, threat, and emotions in the scene. The James Bond Skyfall Leather Jacket is made from 100% pure leather. Real leather is immensely durable and lasts forever. Pure leather gets softer with every use, and ages like fine wine. For Skyfall, the leather used for the jacket was distressed. The best part about that type of leather is, that it still pure, even though it is not as tough, and has a softer feel to it. The jacket has an inner viscose lining which is necessary for the winters. The insulated lining will keep you warm, safe, and gives comfort without you sacrificing style.

Valuable Items For You

The James Bond Skyfall Leather Jacket has a full front zipper closure that gives the jacket a youthful charm and also a sophisticated look. The front zipper closure is also extremely convenient and completely eliminates chances of wind enteringthrough the jacket. Like most leather jackets in USA, the jacket is equipped with two sliding pockets by the waist, that are not only useful for carrying accessories, but also act as hand warmers during winters. The jacket also features two pockets inside, that can contain your valuable items for you, because if you are anything close to James Bond, there is just too much at stake with everything you know, information you need to safeguard and valuables that need to be protected.

Styling And Creating Looks

Celebrity leather jackets not only give you an insight of the latest trends in winter fashion, but also give you an idea of the numerous ways you can style your outfits. For a jacket that is as minimally designed as the James Bond Skyfall Leather Jacket, there is a lot of room to play around with styling and creating looks that define you.

You can go for a casual shirt, a basic polo neck, or a light sweater and layer the jacket over it, for a laid-back casual look. You could also pair it with a fitted turtle-neck, chinos, and shoes for a smarter, sophisticated look. The jacket can also be paired with formal shirts and trousers, to give your professional outfits a refreshing twist that will still make you look like you’re the boss.