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How We Can Revise an Essay And Make It Better

Writing an essay is a crucial task but after writing it is also important to revise it once. Revise means to look again from a fresh and for evaluation purpose. It is the process of revising the essay to revaluates your logic, evidence, and the purpose of writing. Writing is an endless practice and constant editing. Most writers review their essay before publishing it. 

Steps how to revise an essay – 

After writing if you have time to revise an essay, use that and make it better and make the best essay help from someone. The best way to revise is to look from general to specific:

  1. While revising think that your essay achieves its purpose and its written in a logical order
  2. All the sentence have a meaning related to paragraph and it fits properly 
  3. Finally check the grammar, punctuation and its meaning are clear.


  • Give yourself Time

After writing you should give yourself enough time to revise it and check it. In general, you take a break of one day and revise it with a clear perspective, vision, and a new focus. Giving you to edit and improve the quality of writing.

  • Identify the purpose and your reader’s view

After writing, review your essay and analyze it and evaluate that it accomplishes your goal and its purpose. The readers would like it or not.

  • Check all the paragraphs

You make sure that each paragraph has a relatable meaning and each sentence is relevant. Ensure that in the sentence the words are not repeated frequently, if it is using, use the synonyms. 

  • Read it aloud

After reading continuously you are not able to find any mistakes and miss the words that are not relevant to your essay. So by reading aloud you will know the mistake and improve the quality of content.

  • Clean up the language

Once you are satisfied with the content, it’s time to review your language and make sure that the language is clearly understood and others can read and understood what you want to say. If possible 

  • use easy and direct words
  • If sentences are too big, split them into shorter ones.
  • Make sure that words that are using have a meaning with paragraph and have a connection between them.
  • Avoid the tuff words and ignore using unnecessary words
  • Lastly, check all the grammatical errors.


  • Focus on the idea

What you want to say through your essay, try to summarize it and give the proof with them. If there is anything irrelevant to your essay cut it down and make sure that using fluent language and make your point clear.

  • Consider the Format

Check that your essay has enough words to convey your idea. If it’s too short then try to make it long and clear with your essay. 

After considering all the above points you can review your essay and make it better. If you are unable to do then you can take the help from writing essay for me.