July 8, 2024

How To Take Online Exams: 6 Tips For Students

Online Exams

Today, almost all universities have switched to distance learning. This was a forced measure against coronavirus. Therefore, this virus affected the education system hugely! No one could have thought that all educational institutions would switch to a new broadcasting format (distance learning). Now many universities are thinking about how to correctly and efficiently organize the exams. The only option they have is to take exams online.

How Is Online Session Going?

All tests, exams, and other evaluation milestones will be carried out according to the schedule but in a different form. That is, students must, by a certain date, send the material for verification, and get a result or contact the teacher in a specific way (via Skype or Zoom) with the teacher, answer his questions, etc.

If the student was unable to “virtually appear” for the exam for a good reason, he will be able to retake it on specially designated days. The main thing is to document the existence of a valid reason.

Thus, the test or exam will take place on a specific day, at a specific time, or until a specified moment. Moreover, the student would submit final projects, which will demonstrate what he/she learned. Due to these reasons, students are relying more and more on assignment writing and other online services because they won’t have to face the instructor.

Tips For Preparing For An Online Exam

In this article, we will provide several recommendations for students. Online sessions are a relatively new phenomenon for students. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare for this milestone.

1- Read The Guidelines

Read all the guidelines mentioned by your instructor. This may include total marks of the exam, type of questions, course material you need to study, etc. Once you know all the requirements, gather all the notes and books required for the preparation. Do not take these exams lightly. You may also ask questions related to exams from your instructor like time limit, complexity, and a total number of questions.

2- Study The Course Material

To successfully pass a test or exam, it is important to thoroughly study the material. If the evaluation is based on the submission of written work e.g. assignments or dissertation, then here the student can external help too. But when passing a test or exam online, he/she would be required to read and remember each topic.

You cannot pass the exams without studying if it’s oral. In such a format, a teacher would ask a question and you would have to answer right away. Otherwise, you would get a zero. So, it is better not to take risk and study thoroughly.

3- Test Yourself

After memorizing all the material, test yourself. You can either ask a friend to ask you questions. Or you can fill a practice exam online or from the book. This is the best way to know where your preparation stands. If you successfully complete the practice exam, sit down, relax, and wait for the real exam.

4- Revise The Main Concepts

The best option for preparing for online exams is to repeat everything you learned last week, one night before the exam. This will revise your concepts. Moreover, if you skipped anything earlier, you can learn that too. Or if the evaluation is on the submission of a dissertation, re-read it once before sending it. If you find some major problem or some part is missed, get dissertation help from online experts.

5- Check Your Internet Connection

Before going for an online exam, check your system. See if both the hardware and the software of the laptop are working fine. Also, double-check your internet connection. Ensure everything is working fine before you log in for the exam.

6- Don’t Waste Time

Passing an exam or a test is time-limited. Therefore, it is important not only to sit in front of the monitor, webcam, creating a working view but also to promptly answer questions without delaying the process itself. The answer to the question should be short and relevant.


Students have greater chances of passing the exams now. Being in an exam hall is so stressful itself, now by sitting at home you can give it. So do not panic, prepare for the exam, and be confident. Best Wishes!