How to Secure Your Webcam from Hackers - The Writters
May 28, 2024

Webcams are infiltrating our homes with many people using them for calling their loved ones or video conferencing. Other people have even gone a notch higher and are now using their webcams in earning a living.  Quite a number of individuals tend to think the only way you can make money using your webcam is through camming sites. However, there is more to it since you can decide to go with live tutoring, video game streaming, or video reviews.

How to Secure Your Webcam from Hackers

As we use webcams on a daily basis, the risk of compromising our own security also increases. While there is no need for panicking, you ought to be a little worried, since it common for hackers to remotely access your webcam without your consent. For those who may not have a slight idea there are two major safety risks when it comes to using webcams: Spying and Hacking.

Webcam Hacking

With webcam hacking, a hacker breaches the security measures you put in place thus taking control. This means the hacker will not only keep watch of what you are doing but also record everything especially after hacking your mic also.  In most cases, the hacker is ready to pounce on the slightest mistake you make (actions or words) and blackmail you with the video or audio footage. Well, this is certainly going to ruin your reputation if the footage depicts something way out of your character.

Webcam Spying

Logically, hacking a webcam gives a criminal the opportunity of spying on you but the extent is more widespread than you might be thinking.  Since the webcam can be installed in any particular location be it in your store, kitchen or bedroom, the criminal will see everything you do.

Whether it is webcam spying or hacking, it is mandatory for you to be vigilant at all times. After all, you can never know who is keeping a close eye on you. So how do you secure your webcam from hackers?  If you are yet to find answers to this question, then it would be better to consider the following precautionary measures.

  • Unplug Your Webcam

This is one of the simplest precautionary measure you can take to prevent webcam hacking.   All it takes is for you to unplug the webcam when not using it. Even though it might prove frustrating for individuals to plug in the webcam every time they want to start a video chat, you are guaranteed maximum protection.

However, things tend to be different when using an in-built webcam considering you cannot unplug it from your Personal Computer.  The best route to take is covering the camera since most computers come with a cover you can place over it. If it does not have a lens cover, then you can simply buy one.  Avoid placing tape over the camera as it may end up doing more harm than good especially if it causes damage.  This is a situation you never want to find yourself in at all costs.

  • Install a Full Service Anti-Virus

Aside from covering your camera, you should take webcam security to a higher level by installing anti-malware software.  Installing a full service anti-virus will certainly prevent hackers from getting control of you webcam. It is mandatory for you to keep the anti-spyware up to date given that new updates always come with far better security upgrades.

Even though you may have a full service anti-virus installed, some hackers can still use Trojan horse malware in installing and running remote software under your nose.  Watch out for things you are downloading considering some contain hidden files.  The same case applies to suspicious attachments, social media messages or even emails. Fortunately, some web browsers notify users whenever someone wants to switch on a webcam and you may receive prompts to agree.

  • Do Not Talk to Strangers

Webcam safety goes beyond protecting your camera and Personal Computer. As a matter of fact, you are also responsible for your own personal safety when using your webcam. Simply because you have come across a number of free webcam Chat sites, it does not mean you should talk with every person.  Shun away from talking to strangers because hackers are fond of chatting up their victims with the main intention of getting their personal information. Through this action, they can easily access important personal information including your passwords.

  • Never Trust Every PC Repair Technician

If your Personal Computer needs repair, never trust every technician you come across since some secretly install malware. Always stick with one technician if possible as it is the only way you can be sure about the services offered.   You should remember to check for any new programs in your computer after taking it back from the technician.  In case you come across a suspicious program, uninstall it immediately and take the compute to a trusted source.

  • Strong Passwords

Last but not least is using a strong password for your wireless network. Despite routers coming with their own default security settings, it is always better to have your own password to prevent other people from accessing your Wi-Fi network without permission.  For those who are fond of using unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots when on a video chat, then it is high time that you avoid this.  Instead, use your Smartphone in creating a hotspot you can use for webcamming or interacting with your loved ones via video chat.

The Bottom Line

Webcam hacking is already upon us and hence you need to keep yourself safe at all times. Luckily, this is something you no longer have to worry about given that there are so many things you can do to keep yourself safe before going live.  From unplugging you webcam when not in use to setting up a strong password, be ready to have strict measures in place.  You should also check whether the indicator light of your webcam is on as it is a clear indication someone may be spying on you without your knowledge.