July 17, 2024
how to rock your shorts

The summer season is not always exciting. Even though the sunshine is great but what makes the day a bit troublesome is the sweat. However, you can take care of your torso by wearing a tank top but what about your legs? There is a solution for that as well and the answer is, a pair of shorts! Yes, you read that right! Sporting a short can get your legs some ventilation that will help you remain comfortable even in the hottest of days. But isn’t wearing it risky? Not really! You just need to select an ideal piece that isn’t too short or long. You will have to look for every detail when it comes to choosing the right shorts. After all, you would want to rock it the right way this summer!

When to Wear Your Shorts?

There are some unwavering rules on when and how to expose your kneecaps. Plus, as the fashion world is quickly catching up on the need for a bit of ventilation there’s always an urge to show some leg just before the summer begins. Also, the American made shorts makes it even more tempting to try them as soon as possible. However, Phil Green of Far fetch advises people not to dive in too early. He also suggests men wear shorts during mid-May.

The Perfect Fit

During the past few years, shorts have gotten shorter. And though you can blame Daniel Craig for it when he wore La Perla shorts in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. But you have to understand that what’s suitable for Mr. Bond to dress in on a Caribbean beach will not look good if you wear it to a barbecue party.

The famous Stylist Dan May who is known for working with a-list celebrities such as Eddie Redmayne and David Beckham suggested that a short whose length grazes the bottom of your thigh is the best. He adds that it will look stylish on any body type and would also avoid cutting off the knee. It is also advised that men who have big thighs should go for a slight taper to the knee. Also, make sure that the shorts’ edges don’t extend beyond the width of your hip. Such shorts will help you make a style statement.

The Best Shorts to Wear for Every Occasion

Dressing fashionably during the winter season is not that hard. You can easily experiment with different layers; wear dark jeans and you are done! The situation changes in summers when the bottoms you wear start to make your legs all sweaty. For this, one needs to opt for shorts. But it is often hard to decide which piece to wear. Well, if you stress a lot over it then fret not! This section will discuss different shorts and when to wear them.

#1. Tailored Shorts

If you believe that baring your calves won’t get you into any trouble in the office, then tailored shorts are the way to go. It will help you remain relaxed and comfortable even if the temperature at your workplace is unbearably hot. When wearing them, make sure that you dress in a nicely ironed shirt, a cotton or linen blazer, and polished Derbies. This will give you a sophisticated look. You can even wear this outfit to date.

#2. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the best pick for you if you are planning to do something casual. Whether it is a rooftop party or you just want to hit the club, this pair will look great on you. Just make sure that you select the piece that is just an inch above the knee. You can dress it in a navy blazer under a Breton shirt and all eyes will be on you.

#3. Sporty Shorts

In recent times, athleisure has picked up some popularity. Therefore, it won’t be a bad idea if you decide to opt for sporty shorts if you just want to hang out with friends or do something adventurous. You can get them in different colors like navy, grey, and black. Also, if you like, you can go for a streetwear look and invest in something that is heavily branded by the likes of Champion or Nike. You can pair it with a crew neck t-shirt and hoodie.

#4. Denim Shorts

If you worry about stains such as cigarette ash or a pint of some liquid then it is advised to go for denim shorts. They are durable and washable. They might not be as breathable as other options but will look really stylish if they are dressed correctly. For rocking them, consider wearing a slim-fit t-shit with a sweatshirt or a jumper on top. As for the footwear, don’t wear flip-flops ever while you have this on. You can go either for trainers or sneakers.

#5. Swim Shorts

There’s a lot of choices available if you are looking for stylish swim shorts. You can consider going with cropped retro swimmers as they are in trend these days. You can also opt for those that have coruscating patterns and bright colors.


Sometimes when the sun gets unbearable, it is the best time for you to rock out in shorts. They will not only make you look stylish and hip but would also let your legs breathe. mens shorts made in usa is always the ideal option to go with as they are much more comfortable and the fabric used in making them is authentic. This is also the reason why so many males prefer wearing local shorts as it gives them a sense of ownership. Plus, it makes them look irresistible. So, what’s there to lose?! Hopefully, this guide will help you in making the right decision the next time you go shopping for shorts.