June 19, 2024

How to reach your first 1000 Instagram followers in a month

There are probably thousands of more accounts that are meant to be business accounts, but because of the lack of proper knowledge about the potential of Instagram as a marketing tool, these accounts go unnoticed.

In this ever growing world where everything seems transient, the online space Instagram occupies is immense. In recent years, the scope of online marketing has sky-rocketed, and professionals from all professions are now expanding their businesses and brands into the world of Instagram.

Not only is Instagram a social platform, it is a platform huge enough to sustain businesses of different scales. Knowing the outcomes of it as a business tool, it is imperative for beginners to know how they can achieve the first milestone, that is to reach 1000 Instagram followers.

In this article, we’ll be discussing 3 full-proof tips that’ll help you gain 1000 Instagram followers within a month

#1 Do Your Research

Before you start your journey on Instagram, or any other platform, it is imperative that you analyze your audience well. Instagram is no less than a jungle making it difficult to reach the right audience.

Using the data collected during different researches and polls already existing in the online world, you will have a through understanding about what you need to do with your Instagram account to reach the milestone well in time

#2 Create Unique Content

This point is probably too cliched, but there is truly nk better advice. Post after post go unnoticed because either they are too common, similar to something already created, copied or too mundane to be taken into consideration.

What will set you and your content apart in this online jungle is to create content that is fresh and unique. Come up with different ideas that will help you gain a wider, more prominent reach.

#3 Stick To Your Schedule

A platform as dense as Instagram runs solely on its algorithm. To keep up with this algorithm you need to set up a schedule for your posts and stick to it.

Be it posts, stories, reels or IGTV, set a time and date for the content you are about to put out. Also, before you start posting it is advised that you schedule your posts according to the daily engagement timings of Instagram.

If you look it up online, you’ll find that there are certain hours during the day when the traffic on Instagram shoots up, and when it is slow like snails. So it is not just that you need to set a time, you need to set a time that will help your content reach more users.

In conclusion

In this article, we discussed 3 tips on how you can reach 1000 Instagram followers in a month.

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