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How To Make Cheap Air India Reservation To Save Money

Air India Flights

Air India Flights

Whether you are flying long haul or short haul, getting cheap flight tickets is always a fantastic thing. If the airline that you choose to travel with, is one of the leading airlines, then your happiness doubles in an instant. Air India is a leading airline and the flag carrier of India. This airline offers passengers some of the best facilities that they can imagine. From the web check in service to the on-ground and inflight amenities, everything offered by Air India is top of the line. Your journey with them will always be a comfortable one, regardless of the distance.

So, when you take flights to India, you want to make affordable Air India reservations. Now, you may think that it is a difficult task to accomplish. Truth be told, it is hard to make Air India reservations for an affordable price. But, with the right hacks, you can get any price that you want without any hassle. Although, not everyone may know the tricks that help in slashing the ticket prices. For that reason, we have made a list of tips that can help you make Air India reservations within your budget. Read on and find out what you need to do, and bag the airfares of your dreams.

  • The early bird gets the worm: Booking your flight tickets early, regardless of the destination or airlines, is always important to make sure that you get the prices that you want. The more you delay making your Air India reservations, the higher the prices will be. Booking your flight tickets at least 50 days in advance is a good idea. That gives you enough time to look for the perfect Air India flight tickets for yourself and allows you to find the lowest airfare. But, if you are unable to make your flight books so early, make sure to book your tickets at least two weeks prior to your desired date of departure.
  • Take a break: Taking a layover is always a great way of landing cheap flight tickets. When you book a connecting flight instead of a direct flight, you will notice that the price of flight tickets turns out to be much lower. Taking a layover is not only good for your wallet, but it is also a good way of enjoying a more comfortable journey. When you take a layover on your way, you get the chance to break your journey and rejuvenate for the second half of your trip.
  • Tap into your reward miles: As Air India is a member of the Star Alliance, the biggest airline alliance in the world, you must make sure to sign up for the reward program. When you do, you will be able to earn reward miles or points each time you fly with Air India. These rewards miles are extremely helpful in getting your cheap plane tickets, as you can redeem them to ask for upgrades, discounts, and even free tickets. Becoming a member of the Star Alliance will not only allow you to get cheap Air India tickets but also get you discounts with other member airlines.
  • Flexibility in dates: If you don’t have a fixed date in mind for your travel plans, then you must show flexibility in terms of your travel dates. Traveling on certain days can be cheaper than others. You need to identify the days when it is cheap to fly and make your Air India reservations for those days. For example, flying during the weekdays is much cheaper, in comparison to flying during the weekends. You must make sure to identify the days that are not popular with most people and make your bookings for those days.
  • Book with the airline website: Most people make their flight bookings with third party ticket booking platforms. However, that might be a mistake. As airlines tend to have their official websites, making your Air India reservation via the official website might turn out to be more profitable. Before you make your bookings, make sure that you compare the prices between the third party ticket booking portals and the official website. This comparison can help you save a lot of money. So, if you are struggling to stick to your budget, check out the prices on the Air India website, and book with them.
  • Fly to cheap destinations: When you are booking your flight tickets, the destination that you choose also plays a part when it comes to the price of your plane tickets. That is why you need to pick your destination carefully. If you don’t have a specific place in mind that you would like to see, you must check what destinations are cheaper to fly to. This is rather easy, as several websites offer an ‘anywhere’ option that lets you browse through flights without actually specifying your destination. In this way, you can easily find out all the destinations that are cheaper when it comes to making Air India bookings.
  • Use comparison websites: Comparing the price of the several flight options that you find on the internet is an essential step for getting the flight tickets of your choice. However, this is also a very time-consuming task that you may not want to do when you are making your bookings, especially at the last minute. So, to make this task easier, make use of the comparison websites. Comparison websites find the best options available in the market, compare them, and only present the lowest fares. Using comparison websites can come in extremely handy when you are trying to make Air India reservations on a tight budget.

These easy hacks will make life a million times easier for you. No matter what your destination is, you will be able to score the lowest possible airfares to your desired destinations. Traveling to the most beautiful and exotic places by making an Air India reservation is now just a click away. Pack your bags and get ready to take a memorable trip with your family and friends at a budget-friendly price.