July 10, 2024

Growing business opportunity for On-demand services: How to create an on-demand services app?

Hello reader! Invest your 5 minutes in learning the current market trends and behavioral patterns of users to help you decide on a profit-leveraging business model. Let us get started!

In today’s hustling world, we go behind smart solutions that offer sophistication from every angle. Well, it is the on-demand services that have wiped away the need for stepping out of our comfort zones and avail of services at the mere of our doorsteps. Can’t think of a better solution to cater to our daily staples than the on-demand services. If you have sketched out your entry into the on-demand services industry, then here are the key takeaways that you must consider before launching your services.

Key points to integrate into an On-demand Services Business

You can claim your on-demand services as the best one if you infuse these key points into your business.

Strategic planning– Formulating a long-term plan for your business will help you sustain every challenge that comes your way. Initially, frame out a business plan, implement them, and evaluate the effect of the plan. Assume you have rolled out a new feature. Check whether your users opt for that feature or not, do they find it beneficial or not, etc. Ensure your solutions to find out their way in resolving users’ problems.

Genuine service providers– For any business, partners are the key players. Partner with legit service providers failing which your business will run out of the question. Before allowing the service providers to access the app, collect every detail of them and their business that comes in handy as proof of genuine service.

Offers and discounts– While businesses aim at providing customer-centric services, it is a must to delight your users/customers with offers frequently. Providing offers on your services will keep user retention afloat.

The ideal app– Make careful choices while choosing the app for your business because the app will decide on your business’s fate. Join hands with reliable app developers who provide customized app solutions at a budget-friendly price.

How to launch an on-demand services app?

While the app for your on-demand services plays a crucial role in deciding your app’s success, I would suggest investing in the Gojek clone script. The app provides room for 63+ services and processes users’ requests in seconds. Let us learn the features of the app that makes it more appealing.

Find nearby service providers– The app lists the number of service providers near the users’ location. Users can select their nearby or favorite service providers from the list.

Book later– One of the most popular features of the app is the book later feature. The user can decide on the date on which he/she wants the orders to be delivered.

Takeaway– The user can opt for takeaway, where he/she can place orders via the app and takeaway from the stores.

Booking history– The app reserves the user’s previous bookings, and the user can access them under the booking history column of the app.

Reorder- To ease the user in placing the orders, the app has a reorder feature with which the user can place the previous orders again and again.

SOS Panic button– To provide enhanced security to the user, the app employs the SOS panic button. The user can press the button in case of any threat to safety.

Push notifications– Push notifications are vital in informing the user regarding your services/offers or any other app updates.

Accept or reject orders– The delivery agent can decide to accept or reject the requests to take up the delivery services.

Availability toggle– The delivery agent can move the toggle button accordingly to indicate his/her availability to dispatch orders.

Set radius limits– The service provider can restrict delivery services within specific areas by mentioning the app’s radius limit.

Route assistance– The delivery agent will receive the suggestion on the shortest route to reach the user’s location. The in-app map will generate the shortest route.

Service history– The service provider can have a checklist on the number of orders that arrived and their statuses.

Estimated arrival time- The app generates the time of arrival of orders once the user selects the service and the service provider.

While these are the app’s fundamental features, some advanced features will give a rich user experience.

In-app wallet– With the in-app wallet, the user can add money to the app and make payments directly from the wallet.

Geofencing- The geofencing feature will alert the driver or delivery agent when he/she exits the safe zone.

Call masking feature– The call masking feature will enable both the user and driver to contact each other via the app itself.

Corporate rides– Taking up corporate rides is one way of stabilizing your income. All you have to do is make a partnership with large corporates and offer services to its employees, and the company will bear the fare.

How does the on-demand service app works?

As a next phase, let us know the app’s working that employs a few easy steps to book the services.

  • Users will complete the onboarding process and enter the app.
  • Once users enter the app, they will see a list of nearby service providers based on their pin code.
  • Users can select nearby providers or any service providers based on their reviews.
  • Once users select the service provider and the type of service, the app generates the estimated arrival time.
  • Next, users will have to make the payment using any available payment options listed in the app.
  • Users’ requests will be mapped to the corresponding service provider.
  • The service provider can either accept or reject the request. If the service provider agrees with the request, the request is processed and mapped to the delivery agent.
  • The delivery agent will dispatch the orders to users’ locations.
  • Users will receive their orders and can give reviews based on the service.


The blog has revolved around the best on-demand services app solution and other vital points to consider while investing in on-demand services. Launch the on-demand app and make your business more prominent among users.