How to build an On-demand rental app like Airbnb? - The Writters
May 27, 2024

How to build an On-demand rental app like Airbnb?

An on-demand rental app like Airbnb is built to provide the user with a comfortable and spacious environment to experience the living. This app brings all the latest features and comfort for users in their busy schedule. Since technology is growing fast, things are made easy for users to access from anyplace and anytime. Users don’t have to find any difficulty in booking a resort, villa, or hotel for vacation as everything just takes a few taps . They can host unlimited properties for guests to have a clear view. This blog is here to provide you with insight about building rental apps like Airbnb.

What does a Rental app like Airbnb offer?

Rental apps like Airbnb allow people to book their rental space in a few taps to enjoy their vacation. This app shows the vacancy status for users before visiting the place. They have taken a cautious initiative in booking the rentals without any delay or issue. If you are interested in creating a Rental app – keep reading!

What do consumers expect from Rental App?

Many startup founders want to figure out how the Airbnb clone app development is structured. They plan and execute it to a certain level but cannot reach the end goal at times. The reason is they fail to consider the users’ needs and protect their details and to handover their rentals on time. So ensure that you provide an app that covers all the above points.

Advantages of a rental app like Airbnb :

1. Simple sign-up process for accessing and editing profile.
2. Accurate rental locations.
3. Quick booking process.
4. Value for money.
5. Flexible customer service.

Features to be considered for an on-demand rental app like Airbnb :

1. Personalization of location.
2. Login access with OTP.
3. Watermark for privacy reasons.
4. Filter options for listings.
5. Cost estimation.
6. Live chatbot options
7. Activity planner.
8. Voice call options.
9. Cancellation options.
10. Alternative payment options.
11. SMS notification.
12. Subscription packages.
13. E-mail & phone verification.
14. Internal chat system.
15. Social media login options
16. Multi-language and currency options.

Basic features of an app like Airbnb :


1. Quick search option to find listings at a specific location, date & time.
2. Filter options to narrow down the search.
3. Multiple currency mode for accessing global customers with ease.
4. Chats connected with hosts for addressing their queries directly.
5. Wishlist options help the users for future reference.
6. Ratings & reviews options during checkout from vacation rentals.


1. Special offers need to be given for guests to attract more bookings.
2. Switch to the host or guest option to handle the portal.
3. Manage to host your properties at no cost to list your space.
4. Track the detailed summary of the transaction history.


1. Registration & verification process for guest and host.
2. Monitoring booking request acceptance.
3. Payment collection.
4. Request customer ratings and reviews.
5. Provide offers and coupons for guests.

How to make a rental app as an Airbnb clone script work?

To make the best Airbnb clone script work,
1. Initiate login process for guest & host.
2. Filter to list the location.
3. Approval process for the host.
4. Payment transaction mode.
5. Ratings & reviews based on the experience of accommodation.
6. Deducted commission to be transferred to host.
7. Cancellation process handled by the admin.

How much does it cost?

Building a rental app like Airbnb is considered to be a big project and needs to be figured at a reasonable cost for implementing the features to run the app successfully. You need to hire software developers, designers, marketers, etc., to develop your app. It may take months to get a working model of a rental app, and the cost depends on various factors based on the development team.


The rental app business is a trending business to see growth and lure many customers into accessing development. Plan and take time to consider this guide for building a rental app. Come forward with ideas to structure your dream app, research the market, hire a professional team of developers, and bring out an app with efficient & catchy design to attract your users.