July 17, 2024


Observing your body shape and finding out what characteristics to maintain, promote, and improve are essential, then find out the right gym exercises to help you achieve the highest efficiency in practice.

To get the most out of your workout as well as bring you to your fitness goals, it’s important to have a clear definition of your body type. This is what makes you always wonder why I don’t wear beautiful clothes like this or that person, why I am not as balanced as that person.

This is because each person will be of a different body shape, divided into an apple, pear, hourglass shape, and rectangular shape. Each physique type will have different advantages and disadvantages from which we can exploit to find the right gym exercise, practice to promote more balance.

Pear shape
The pear-shaped upper body, arms, and waist are usually quite slim. However, their hips are usually wide. Excess fat tends to accumulate in the lower body, leading to enlarged buttocks and thighs.

Therefore, you can focus on reducing lower body fat for a more balanced body. Combine with hand, shoulder, and chest gym exercises for a toned upper body.

Cardio, cycling, jogging, squat, and swimming exercises are very suitable for the frequency of training 3 times/week, helping to improve your physique effectively. In addition, you can flex exercises with dumbbells such as V-Pull Plié, Lunge Lift-Off Cross Curl to improve the rigidity and firmness of the arms.

Durable running, moderate-intensity swimming will help burn fat effectively in the thighs but limit the speed of increasing the size of the muscles in this area.

Apple figure
Apple-shaped people usually have a thick waist, and the upper body is larger than the hip-to-shoulder ratio. However, especially fat accumulates in the second round, making people in this group less confident.

Meanwhile, the arms and legs of the apple-shaped body will usually be small, creating a balanced overall composition with the upper part. By exercising with the right gym exercises, an apple-shaped person can effectively improve physical beauty.

High-intensity cardio exercise is a useful solution to burn excess fat, effectively distributing strength to other muscle areas of the body. Exercise 3 – 4 intensity sessions per week.

In addition, you can run for total energy burn in a short time. During fitness training sessions, include exercises to reduce fat in round 2 such as the plank, push-up, squat, leg press, deadlift, lunge.

Flexible and frequent gym exercises will make your journey less boring and more enjoyable. Also, stand up straight, eat, and chew slowly so as not to put pressure on your waistline.

Rectangular physique
People with rectangular bodies (or H) often do not have prominent curves, creating certain masculinity, thin body frame. To improve the “square” of their physique, people in this group need gym exercises for toning bodies, increasing the measurements in the first and third rounds.

Besides, calorie burning is not the main focus of the exercise. You need exercises that improve the endurance, endurance, and endurance of the body, increase the firmness of the abdominal, thigh, and butt muscles.

Practice exercises such as walking, jogging to lose fat overall, shrink waist circumference. Deadlift overhead press, lunge, lunge extension, plank, push-up should be flexibly trained about 3 sessions per week.

In addition, you can flexibly train with dumbbells to increase body strength, improve endurance as well as avoid boredom for repetitive exercises.

Hourglass shape
Hourglass body is a dream of many people with distinct curves, slim waist, large bust 1 and 3. However, this body shape often has a high rate of fat accumulation in the arms, thighs, and lower abdomen.

By practicing gym exercises and improving fat, someone with an hourglass figure can confidently show off the perfect 3 rounds thanks to this rich physique.

For the perfect hourglass figure, your workout plan will revolve around improving your lower body, avoiding excess fat accumulation, and increasing strength and endurance. By combining exercises that require flexible movement, removing fat, you will notice a noticeable change in your body.

Warm-up before exercising is essential for efficiency and safety. In addition, you can strengthen a few cardio exercises during the week to increase strength, speed up efficiency. Squats, lunge, decline pushup, triceps dip march, or sports like swimming, cycling, and running are also very effective.

Aside from getting the right workout, you should also keep yourself on the right diet. Increase green vegetables, protein, limit foods high in sugar, starches, and animal fats to ensure the highest possible training effect!