July 10, 2024

Disrupt The Business Sector Using Our Irresistible Uber Clone App

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to embark on your business journey in the taxi business? Or, are you looking to enter into this industry with an uber clone app having all the leading features like push notifications, secure payment options, real-time tracking, and more? Keep reading to know more about how you can implement your ideas and other specifications with our user-friendly uber clone app.

Reasons to go with Uber clone script

Before you know the reason, let’s understand the main cause of Uber’s success. It was just a simple idea that sprouted in 2008 when two friends met at a Paris conference. They couldn’t find a taxi to get back to their hotels. So, they thought, what if they could book a taxi in seconds? That is how Uber was born. Uber is now on the path of success after bringing its ideas to life. Here, we insist you not just keep all your ideas with you but integrate them with our clone app for Uber thereby turning your ideas into reality.

Cost and time saving are the primary reasons to go with the Uber clone script since building an app from scratch requires you to invest a tremendous amount of time and money. However, with our Uber clone app, you can have your app for your business at an affordable price with all the features you want, and save a lot of time by collecting all the business requirements, features, etc. Since the Uber like app is entirely scalable, you can analyze your business and working model and then inculcate additional features and services that are not in the Uber app.

Here, we will take a short ride on the workflow of our Uber clone app.

Streamlined workflow – Uber clone script

1.Users request the ride by entering their source and destination. Then they can pick an option based on the car type and the fare.

2.The user confirms the pickup location.

3.Now, Uber like taxi booking apps locate nearby drivers.

4.The driver chooses to accept or reject the drive request. If rejected by one, the request will be automatically diverted to the other nearby driver.

5.Users can seamlessly process their payments using our clone app for Uber by enabling them to pay from the multiple payment options available on the app.

6.After the ride is over, the app script prompts your users to rate the ride. These ratings help fellow/other riders in choosing the driver for the next ride.

Stellar features of the Uber clone app

The process of the uber clone app is simple and easy to use. With just a few taps/clicks, users/riders can book a taxi swiftly and will be satisfied with the ride as it arrives fleetly at their doorstep, making the booking process hassle-free. Yet, to make it much more convenient and deliver value, you need to have multiple and useful features based on all your users’ expectations.

Our primary features

Easy login

This feature in our on-demand taxi booking app like Uber allows your users to register or log in via email and their active social media accounts. If the maximum of your customer base is iOS, then adding log-in with Apple can help you stand out from the crowd.

Taxi booking

Your users can book a taxi by entering their address, selecting the type of car they want, and enter the pickup and drop destination.

Fare estimation

This remarkable feature automatically calculates the ride’s total fare based on the type of the car, traffic, fuel prices, and ride’s km.

Live geo-tracking

This real-time tracking feature in our uber clone script helps track the driver and to stay up-to-date with their travel route and ETA( Estimated Time Arrival)

Multiple payment gateways

Our on-demand Uber clone app has an auto-payment feature integrated with different payment options, including net-banking, credit/debit card, PayPal, and digital wallets.

In-app chat/call

This feature allows your users to make calls to the booked drivers and communicate with their respective drivers.


With this available feature, users can share their reviews and rate the ride based on the journey, car comfort, driver behavior, etc.

Travel history

Users can view and check their past bookings and transactions made in the app using this feature.

Additional features that you can include for better user experience

Ride cancellation

To cancel the booked ride within the specified time.

Split payment

To split and share the ride fare with their fellow riders.

Multiple destinations

This feature allows your users to add extra stops along the route.

Scheduled for later

Our Uber clone app allows your users to book a trip at a particular time in advance.

Booking for others

Users can also book for their friends, relatives, colleagues from their account.

Safety features for the deadly Coronavirus

The world is gradually returning to its original form and routine after months of lockdown, despite the growing cases of Coronavirus. Hence, we focus and care for our app users’ safety, and hence safety precautions are taken. We included advanced safety features in our clone app for Uber that would benefit drivers and users at the same time.

Virus tracker

Our Uber clone app is integrated with a tracker that would assist/benefit drivers and your users track nearby COVID-19 patients and provide details of the total infected count in the area they are riding.

With this tracker’s help, drivers can decide if they want to take a ride or cancel it.

No fee – Ride cancellation

This outstanding feature facilitates drivers to cancel the ride at zero charges if they feel that the destination of that ride is not safe.

Feedback column

Generally, riders give ratings based on the driver’s behavior, journey, etc. We added another segment to it, asking if the driver has followed all the safety measures like wearing masks, coverings, sanitizers, etc.

This advantage of this feature will be that it cross-checks the overall safety for both the app users and enables other riders to book with relief.

How will your app make money? Revenue-generating model

Most of the apps are free to install. The app business model needs to be adjusted to equalize this. Here, we are enlisting two majorly used monetization strategies.

Data monetization

Whenever your user interacts with your app, they generate data. This data info can be anonymized and quantified. 

The data collected can be used for a developer’s requirements to read and understand the user behavior, when the app is used, and where to improve.

The biggest advantage is that it does not hinder user experience at any cause. As the platform is independent and the app is available across all platforms, the revenue is generated externally, meaning there is no commission with the app stores. You do not have to pay and worry about which platform your app is most prominent in.

  • Referral program

Giant apps like Uber generally use the referral program for inexpensive user acquisition. It is a common misconception that referrals cost you a lot of money, but it is not true and quite contrary. Not only is it inexpensive, but it also helps you turn high ROI. Your referral program’s only major cost is the price you are offering to your new and existing users.

Final thoughts

After driving through all the features,  if you still have queries about whether our Uber clone app is right and suitable for your business or not, we would like to bring to your knowledge that we helped businesses launch many successful Uber clone apps on the market like Lyft, Ola, etc.

If you want to have your own app that best fits your business needs and requirements, we will help you get your own Uber clone app as we specialize in developing clone apps across all platforms that benefit businesses reach a massive audience and help generate huge profits in no time.