Discover the Truth: Is Invisalign as Effective as Traditional Braces
May 29, 2024

Discover the Truth: Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces

Invisalign as Effective as Braces

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Nowadays, most people know about the importance of maintaining good dental health and hygiene to keep your teeth and mouth strong and healthy. This is so effective the older people are not losing much of their teeth anymore. If you are suffering from the problem pf misaligned or crooked teeth, then the teeth can be straightened easily by wearing Invisalign braces. More adults are opting for this teeth straightening option that has enabled to improve their appearance and level of confidence.

How Invisalign braces do their work

The Invisalign process is simple yet very effective but the traditional ones have small metal plates adhered to the teeth. There is special glue used to ensure no damage to the teeth. Each metal plate is being connected to one another that have a small piece of wire. The wire will be sent by your dentist for repositioning the teeth slowly to their desired position. This is usually done by applying some pressure on them and enabling them to shift into the right position. The procedure generally requires 12-24 months and the wire gets tightened by your dentist. This is considered to be an affordable option that ensures to deliver great results within the specified time.

Different problems with traditional metal braces

Common problems with the traditional braces are your inability to smile with confidence. This is a major issue for children who seem to be extremely worried about what others will say when they find they are wearing braces inside the mouth for the purpose of teeth straightening. This might lead to your unwillingness for smiling with improved self-esteem.

Other issue with wearing traditional braces is that it is quite difficult to clean your teeth and mouth. Small food particles get collected around the plate of the braces that seem to be difficult for removing properly. So, parents need to check brushing habits of children and ensure their teeth are cleaned really well. Obviously, you do not want to wear braces for teeth straightening to find out your children are suffering from lots of cavities.

Choose the Invisalign method

If you want to improve overall appearance of your teeth, then this Invisalign system can help to attain the perfect smile you have always wanted.

The Invisalign is said to be modern approach when compared to the metal braces. At first, your mouth will be scanned properly and then a computer-generated image is being generated. This will let the dentist to shift teeth to their desired position on the computer so that you can see the new position of your teeth.

After this, the dentist will calculate how much time it will require for shifting teeth and the number of Invisalign braces to be used. Once your calculations are over, the provider will be fitting your first brace properly.

You will be assessed thoroughly and the braces need to be replaced when required.

As the braces are virtually invisible, they are made of clear plastic and remove any complicated concerns related to smiling while you have the braces inside your mouth and boost confidence level.

You can remove the braces at anytime you want and when you need to eat and drink. Also, you should remove them at least once in a day for brushing teeth and flossing daily. This can prevent the accumulation of food debris from getting caught inside the braces and probably leading to teeth concerns.

You need to change the Invisalign trays after your dentist thinks you have shifted teeth properly for the next set of aligner trays. This is considered to be invasive method that enhances the time span for your teeth to get proper alignment. The patients usually complete the treatment within 6-12 months.

Thus, you need to wear your Invisalign braces without others even knowing about it. This is certainly a suitable option for adults and anyone who is self-conscious about it.

Issues with wearing Invisalign

Invisalign is considered to be a different method of getting your teeth straightened and achieving the most desired smile. It less effective then hose metal braces but it might be faster which makes it quite easy for anyone to look after their dental health when using the braces.

But the treatment will not be advised by your dentist if you have complicated orthodontic problems. The Invisalign provider will give suggestions related to the best approach for teeth straightening that can attain greater success.

Thus, Invisalign is considered to be a costly option as you require having somewhere between 10 to 20 aligner trays inside the mouth than a single set of the traditional plates. You may book your consultation for Invisalign in London and know whether it is right for you or not.