June 12, 2024

Different types of bridal makeup packages

engagement makeup salon in Delhi

engagement makeup salon in Delhi

Nowadays the wedding trends are also changing. The brides hire professional makeup artists to get their dreamy look for the wedding day. Over time, the makeup industry has also grown in its techniques. Earlier there were not too many makeup products available in the market and even the techniques were not that advance. But now every day a new makeup product is coming up in the market with all the advanced tools. This has led to the distinction of the bridal makeup packages available in the market.

First of all, you need to select the best engagement makeup salon in Delhi and after that; you need to decide the makeup package that you want to take. Here is the list of different bridal makeups available in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Airbrush makeup: This is one of the expensive bridal makeup packages from the rest of all the packages available in the market. This makeup is done with the latest tool of applying base foundation. This will give a very smooth and thin layer of foundation that will provide the client with the most natural look. This is done with the help of the air gun machine, in which the foundations are put in and then it is evenly sprayed all over the face with the help of the gun. This makeup is transfer-proof and will provide the client with a full-coverage matte finish.
  • HD makeup: This is the kind of makeup that suits almost every skin type. If the client wants to have the best pictures on her wedding day then she might go with this bridal makeup package. All the HD makeup products are used to create this makeup look by using a light-infused formula that scatters the light on the face and gives a perfect picture shot. This makeup is perfect for people suffering from acne problems, breakouts, blemishes, dark circles, etc. This makeup also provides maximum coverage.
  • Mineral makeup: This is one of the newest makeup package that gives an organic look on your special day. This makeup does not provide you with the makeup look that is HD or airbrush makeup gives. This provides the client with more of a natural look. If your skin is very sensitive to makeup products, then this is the makeup package you should go with as it will keep you away from all the chemical makeup products.
  • Regular makeup: This is one of the forever loved makeup look of all skin types. This is suitable for every function and it is also available in every salon. For this, you just need to find a professional in doing such makeup. This makeup is done with good quality makeup products along with beauty blenders and makeup brushes. If this makeup is applied properly then it will provide good coverage that will hide all the acne, scars, and pores of the client.

So it is purely up to the client which package and the makeup artist for engagement in Delhi she chooses.