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May 29, 2024

Some Of The Most Common Kidney Diseases And Their Treatments

Common Kidney Diseases

Health is wealth! 

If you are not healthy, then you may not be able to enjoy your life completely. 

In India, the number of people being affected by so many ailments is on the rise. 

Other than the conventional liver, kidney and heart hazards, people are facing lifestyle diseases, infertility and much more. India is also home to a large number of kidney patients. 

The failure of kidneys is one of the key reasons for deaths in India. 

What are the symptoms of kidney problems? If you are aware of the symptoms of the common kidney diseases earlier, then you can control things easily. 

Let’s check out the symptoms, causes and possible treatments of kidney diseases in this post!

What are the symptoms of kidney problems?

  • Fatigue – you feel tired all the time. 
  • Feeling cold when others are warm. 
  • Shortness of breath even after little efforts. 
  • Feeling faint and dizzy and weak. 
  • Trouble thinking clearly. 
  • Itchy feeling. 
  • Swelling in feet or hands. 
  • Puffy or swollen face. 
  • Food tastes like metal. 
  • Ammonia breath. 
  • Upset stomach, nausea and vomiting. 
  • Getting up during the night to urinate. 
  • Bubble or foamy urine. 
  • Brown, red, or purple urine. 
  • Difficult to control high blood pressure. 

What are the possible causes of kidney diseases?

Kidney diseases happen when something impairs the function of the kidney leading to making its function worsening over months and years. Let’s take a look at possible conditions that lead to kidney ailments: 

  • Type I and Type II diabetes. 
  • High blood pressure. 
  • Inflammation of the filtering units of kidneys. 
  • Inflammation of the kidney’s tubules and structures surrounding it. 
  • Polycystic kidney disease. 
  • Obstruction of the urinary tract for a long time owing to conditions such as enlarged prostate, some sorts of cancers and kidney stones. 
  • Reoccurring infections of the kidney. 

What tips to follow to avoid the onset of common kidney diseases &problems?

  • Maintain a healthy weight 

If your weight is at the permissible limit, then you should maintain it by being physically active on most of the days. If you need to lose weight, then you should get in touch with your doctor. It may involve reducing calories and increasing physical activities. 

  • Avoid smoking 

Smoking of cigarettes can damage your kidneys and make any existing kidney damage worse. If you can’t quit smoking, then you should work with your doctor to do that. Medications and counselling can also help you kick the butt. 

  • Manage medical conditions with professional help 

If you have some conditions that may lead to kidney problems later, then you should get in touch with your doctor to work on all. 

  • Follow instructions on OTC medicines 

When using aspirin, pain relievers and others, always follow the instructions on the package. If you are too much dependent on pain relievers, then it may lead to kidney damages. You should ask your healthcare expert to know when such medications may be safe to be taken. 

The treatment options for kidney problems include making changes to lifestyles, taking medicines, and dialysis and kidney transplant for the last stage. 

What treatment suits you will be decided by your doctor. And its treatment course will be based on any other medical issues that you may have.    

Manage quality kidney treatments expenses on affordable EMIs 

If you are troubled by some kidney issues, then you may have to devote a part of your income for medicines and treatments. It may mean that you may find managing your other outlays a bit tough. 

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How to download health card?

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