Coachella 2021 Has Not Officially Been Canceled for April
May 29, 2024

Coachella 2021 Has Not Officially Been Canceled for April

Coachella 2021

With a month ahead of the Coachella 2021 Festival has been placed that occurs, the chances the mega-concert will occur in spring up 2021 is becoming thinner daily.

Though there’s not been any statement with the festival’s postponement, still another vital desert occasion in Palm Springs has transferred right into Coachella’s time-slot for April. Coronavirus cases are still spiking across the state, prompting regional stay-at-home orders based on hospital capacity.

The Coachella site also features little to no detail about a 2021 Festivals. And the location for Goldenvoice, the company that produces the festival, now lists the 2021 Stagecoach festival, held the weekend following Coachella in Indio, as; “TBD.”

At the end of 2020, there are typically almost-weekly meetings involving the city of Indio and Goldenvoice employees, representatives from regional utilities and Riverside County, safety personnel, and others, Indio City Manager Mark Scott told The Desert Sun. Those meetings are not currently being held.

Coachella 2021

We are talking about planning meetings with 60 people in the area, he said.

Goldenvoice were to come in and say,’ That is don’t occur (in April),’ because we have done it a lot of times, it would not be impossible on our end to react to this, he added. But I would wonder if it is already too late for them to do it from their end.

Coachella 2020 was thrust into October since COVID-19 wash California for its first time before this past season. A handful of months after, it had been postponed for April 2021.

Several media report that collapse, triggered by a Rolling Stone article and comments from unnamed music-industry insiders, theorized that Coachella would be postponed for a third time until October 2021. That news hasn’t been confirmed.

Goldenvoice hasn’t made any updated statement regarding the 2021 festival, and the town of Indio hasn’t yet been told by Goldenvoice the April date is away.


Indio Plans for The Possibility of No April Festival

Annual concerts and festivals end up being a significant windfall for Indio, which bears the tagline that the City of Festivals. It is home to about 20 major annual events, from Coachella into the International Tamale Festival into the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival.

Both April music festivals bring about $106 million to the Indio market, including spending at local businesses, according to a Coachella Economic Partnership study from 2016. Town’s Government earned significantly more than $3.5 million in ticket costs along with other taxation in Coachella along with Stagecoach at 2019.

While Indio’s approved financial 2020-21 funding from June includes potential earnings and expenses for April 2021 festivals, the city’s more current planning assumptions don’t.

Assessing the city’s general fund without earnings from the April festivals is merely conservative, not a statement that they’ll be postponed. Scott reiterated in an Indio City Council meeting last month.

We are assuming for the sake of planning; we do not know this for a fact, he said. I don’t need any headlines saying I have declared there are no concerts in April. This is just merely a conservative planning assumption.


Modernism Week Moves to The April Time Slot

Modernism Week will move out of its customary February place on the calendar to April 8-18 in 2021. It was broadcast this month. The event typically moves tens of thousands of mid-century contemporary architecture lovers to the Palm Springs area.

However, those upgraded dates fall within Coachella Festival 2021 weekends: April 9-11 and April 16-18. Modernism Week Executive Director Lisa Vossler Smith said organizers moved forward with the new schedule under the premise that the festivals are moving into a later date.

Lisa Vossler Smith said the move would provide Modernism Week a chance to have the ability to accommodate visitors through resorts and home rentals. It’s a chance this season, which we probably won’t have.

She added: We do not intend on moving from February in the future. This is simply an exception for this season that’s different.


How to Get Coachella 2021 Tickets – Find the Best Options Online


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