What are Myths and actual Canada PR facts?
May 29, 2024

What are Myths and actual Canada PR facts? [Busted]

Canada PR Facts

Permanent Residency (PR) is one of the best programs for immigrants to get settle and enjoy in Canada. On Canada PR approval, you have the right to live, work or start studying across Canada and have social rights like normal citizens. Though there are specific requirements for getting your Canada PR still it can lead you to become a Canadian Citizenship in a later part too. Applicants often feel confused about different myths related to Canada PR that you must remove to keep their aim on the real facts.


Here are the essential Myths and conceptions associated with Canada PR that applicants have to deal with regularly.


Myth: Permanent Residents can enjoy a longer stay in the country  

Fact: Canada PR immigration status comes with a duration of five years. After that PR can be renewed for another 5 years as well or upgraded to citizenship as per the choice.


Many applicants still have the myth that once they get approval for Canada PR they can stay in the country forever. This is a complete lie, PR still has to follow all the laws as per the normal citizen and meet all the obligations as set by the Visa officer to be in good eyes for renewing PR card later. Some mandatory Canada PR requirements are there for staying 3 years in Canada from the five years to continue carrying this PR card otherwise this privilege may get revoked.


Myth: You need a Sponsor by a Family friend or near relative for PR approval

Fact: CIC has limited the sponsorship to a limited family member only. Not all members come into this category.


Canada Immigration authorities allow only the Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents for sponsoring their children who are dependant under the age of 19 years, law partner, parents, and grandparents. You can connect with the immigration officer or know more about this sponsor benefit in the Canada immigration forum. Or You can get more information from PearVisa executive to help you start sponsoring the loved ones to live a peaceful life in this developed nation.


Myth: You need a job to immigrate to Canada

Fact: Though A job is not mandatory still it will add to your credibility to score higher points and improve chances to get quick approval from authorities.

With a job offer, applicants may get direct approval from the authorities. But under the new Canadian immigration rules, you can still apply for the PR and approval if you qualify for all other requirements. There are several online platforms and government-approved sites that you can use to select and apply for specific jobs to match with your skills in getting the interviews as well as offer for working in preferred locations.

Myth: Immigrants takes away the jobs

Fact: Newer opportunities are always available in this developed nation of Canada. Even the employers encourage better-skilled immigrants to be part of their establishment.

Canada is a dreamland of opportunities and allows educated professionals to get swiftly move to the nation in building a long career in this nation. Almost all provinces and territories generate a new list of requirements every year for applicants to apply and get selected known as the Federal skills program. Also, there are other immigration programs where applicants can directly apply for jobs in Canada and then the employer made the demand for that employee to move to Canada.

Myth: Immigrants cause crime in Canada

Facts: Canada already has among the lowest crime rate in developed nations and immigrants are even less part of that.

Canada offers a plethora of opportunities for young aspirants to build their careers and enjoy the social benefits that come with immigration. Moreover, immigrants have proven their contribution to the economy and are active in several fields to be part of this incredible nation.

Myth: Immigrants do not want to work

Fact: immigrants have the highest work ratio in Canada in almost all sectors.


Canada has the highest immigration ratio across the major developed nations with a significant ratio in several fields defining their role in a part of the economy and prosperity of this nation.

Myth: Express entry is the only path to Canadian Citizenship

Fact: Though Express entry has a bigger impact on your Canadian Citizenship, still there are many ways to be part of Canadian Citizenship under provincial programs.

Canada is a large country with many provinces and territories that defines specific immigration rules. And if applicants are found to be deemed worthy and clear all the minimum requirements, they can apply and get selected for Canadian Citizenship respectively.


Myth: Your PR status expires when your Canada PR card expires

Fact: PR cards represent an official declaration from the authorities for your approval. They do not define your nationality or legality. Though in some cases such as traveling you must carry this PR card. Still, it is your PR card that expires every 5 years not your PR status. Interested applicants can renew their PR card after its expiry of 5 years and continue to enjoy the same privilege in the country. PR card visibility in the country emphasizes the number of days an applicant stayed in the nation. So his or her PR status then can be renewed or upgraded for citizenship. PR card if lost can be made again by communicating to the authorities. As a PR member of Canada, you need to spend at least 730 days in the last 5 years to maintain their status.


 Myth: You don’t need to pass any language test for express entry pool

Fact: Language is among one of the primary factors that applicants must pass through for getting approval from Canadian authorities.


CIC rules specifically tell that applicants must pass either English or French to get inside the Express Entry pool. Language proficiency adds extra points and credibility to your application for approval from the authorities.

Canada’s immigration policy clearly states that applicants have to undergo and pass the language proficiency test to get their approval from the authorities. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most common test for English speaking applicants. Their band scores are one of the essential requirements in filling the application form for any immigration program in Canada.


Express interview questions


Myth: One or two mistakes/lies in the Application form are okay

Fact: Immigration authorities will check your application in several steps. So even small mistakes can put you on the negative list or direct rejection from the visa officer.


Misinformation or hiding any activity from your profile can be taken as a crime in the immigration process. So you need to make sure to add all the real data in the application form and avoid getting punishment from the authorities in the later part.


Myth: Immigration decision taken by the judge is final

Fact: Though it can stressful for the applicants to know the judge has disapproved or rejected their specific application. Still, you have the chance to appeal for that decision and get approval from authorities in case that was a mistake or rectifying the error thereafter.


As in the case of many immigration cases, a judge can simply reject the application for any small misinformation or rules not followed. Immigration has the choice to fight that decision and appeal for that decision in the court to overcome issues precisely to start a new life in this incredible land of opportunities.



Myth: Marrying a Canadian citizen will grant permanent citizenship

Fact: Though adding a Canadian partner adds to your credibility in the application form. Still, you will need to clear all the requirements for getting approval on Canadian PR.


Many applicants have the idea that if they marry a Canadian citizen they get automatic citizenship for the nation. It’s not and you have to apply for a spousal sponsorship program and match all the requirements to get approval from the authorities for consideration under this category. Some of the essential conditions for getting Canada PR in this case are:


  • Over the age of 18 at the time of marriage
  • Spouses are financially secure to manage the expenses for a minimum of 3 years at the time of applying and show their assets to the authorities.
  • And in case you are outside of the country, you can only enter the country after getting approval from the authorities.
  • Marriage photos
  • Social media proof
  • Wedding invitation
  • Questionnaire (face to face with an immigration officer)
  • Marriage Certificate and registration


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