June 23, 2024

Bone Marrow Specialists & Doctors In India

bone marrow specialist in india

Bone marrow is exceptionally essential for the human body. It produces red blood cells required to carry oxygen, white blood cells needed to fight against infections, and platelets needed to prevent bleeding.

It is present inside some bones, including thigh and hip bones, which is spongy and soft.

There are immature cells present inside bone marrow called stem cells.

Bone marrow helps patients with blood cancers, like leukaemia, anaemia, and other deadly diseases such as lymphoma, to survive.

When any disease affects bone marrow, a bone marrow transplant is the best solution or remedy.

It is also referred to as a cord blood transplant.

This therapy cures several diseases and cancer.

Usually, cancer patients take chemotherapy or radiation doses. When these doses are handled in a large amount, they damage bone marrow stem cells.

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Cord blood or bone marrow transplant is used for several reasons as given below:

  • For replacing unhealthy and non-functioning bone marrow with a healthy one in cancer patients.
  • Replacing the genetically unhealthy bone marrow with a healthy one to stop the significant damage caused by genetic diseases.
  • New bone marrow will regenerate the cancer patient’s immune system to fight against cancer.
  • Replacing bone marrow will bring its normal functions back, as they get damaged due to high doses of radiation and chemotherapy.

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Types Of Bone Marrow Transplant

Generally, the bone marrow transplant is of two types – autologous transplant and allogeneic transplant.

  1. Autologous Transplant

In an autologous transplant, the person’s stem cells are used. Before the person’s stem cells start damaging due to chemotherapy or radiation, they are harvested.

These harvested cells are returned to your bone marrow once the damaged stem cells are taken out. An autologous transplant is done if the patient has healthy bone marrow.

  1. Allogeneic Transplant

In an allogeneic transplant, the person requires another donor. The person and the donor should match genetically for transferring stem cells.

Therefore, people usually have their relatives as donors.

Doctors take stem cells from donors one or two days before the transplant. For this transplant to be highly successful, the donor should be genetically close to the patient.


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Rooms for bone marrow transplant patients have negative pressure and MEPA filters, which are essential.