June 19, 2024

4 Easy Ways You Can Make the Scent of a Best Smelling Perfume for Women Last Long

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Who doesn’t like to smell good? Whether you are going to work or a party, it is nice to have a fragrance lingering behind wherever you go. It can keep you refreshed at all times. But not all perfumes can allow you to smell nice all day long. Some fragrances tend to fade away easily and the whole purpose will get defeated. That is why you should know how to apply and where to apply the scent right so that it can help you exude you a beautiful fragrance everytime you get close to someone. You should also understand how to store your perfumes well in order to keep its quality intact.

Some people always keep looking for best smelling perfume for women but if you do not know how to make the smell last longer, then even buying the best perfume will not be of help. Here, we have a few tips that can make the fragrance last longer. Take a look.

  1. Add Petroleum Jelly:

One of the most common tricks for holding the fragrance of your perfume longer would be to use petroleum jelly before applying the perfume. Just gently rub the jelly on the pulse points and see what difference it makes. The ointment in the jelly can hold the scent for long. Apply it to your neck, elbow insides, behind the knees or ears, wrists, and even the ankles and calves. This will help you arouse anyone who comes to closer to you. And you will also feel refreshed throughout the day.

  1. Spray on Your Hairbrush:

Many people make the mistake of spraying perfume or attar directly on hair. Most perfumes these days have alcohol in them so if you use it directly, it can make your hair dry. Instead, what you can do is just lightly spray it on the hairbrush with it. When you brush your hair every time, the fragrance will linger on your hair. You can also buy a hair perfume specifically designed to tackle your locks. These perfumes tend to last longer on hair.

  1. Moisturizer is Must:

All kinds of scents you buy, whether it is the best perfumes in Bahrain or Dubai, their fragrances tend to stick longer if your skin is moist. That is why you must moisturize the skin before applying the perfume. Make sure the body lotion or moisturizer is an unscented one so that there is no clash of odor. We usually moisturize after a bath or shower. So, if you can apply your perfume just after that, it will be easier and the scent will also stay for more time. You can also use a few drops of the perfume with the moisturizer and mix them together for applying. And do not immediately wear your clothes because it will rub off the smell. Wait for a few minutes and then get dressed.

  1. Know about the Different Types of Perfumes:

You must be aware that there are different kinds of fragrances and different compositions for the perfumes. There are mild as well as strong-smelling, long lasting perfumes for women. The composition and type of fragrance will determine how long it will last. If you have an idea about the different kinds of perfumes, you can choose accordingly. You might want to collect all kinds of perfumes but depending on how long you want to make the scent last, you can take your pick for one particular day. And then change the perfume the next day, depending on where you are going and how long you will stay outside.

So, if you have a Saudi Arabia perfume or any other luxury scent and want to make its fragrance last longer, then you can take these tips down and try them out from today!