June 19, 2024

Bajaj Introduced New Colour Variants For Pulsar NS 160 & NS 200!

India is a large market for two-wheelers. It is because of the affordability of the vehicle as well as the adventurous joy ride it offers. To add to their customers’ joys, Bajaj has recently upgraded the colour pallet of the two of its most sought after bikes.

Bajaj has come up with new colour options for both Pulsar NS 160 and NS 200. The bikes already have so many distinctive features to gather a separate fan base among the bike-lovers. 

The new exquisite colour options include Burnt Red, Plasma Satin Blue, Metallic Pearl White and Pewter Grey. All these colour variants are clad with a sleek matte finish and alloy metallic super-stylish wheels to flaunt.

For now, there are no mechanical upgrades. However, with a pre-existing array of best in class mileage options, chassis and suspension, mechanical support, these Bajaj bikes hardly need someone to vouch for them. Let’s take a look at what these bikes have to offer within an affordable range.


Like all new age roadster motorbikes, both Pulsar NS160 and Pulsar NS 200 come with an elevated seat, sloped in the fuel tank and excellent graphics. Imagine, the style quotient that these new colours are going to add into this sporty look. 


A. Bajaj Pulsar NS 160:

  • Length (mm) – 2017
  • Width (mm) – 803.5
  • Height (mm) – 1060
  • Ground clearance (mm) – 176
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1370
  • Kerb Weight(kg) – 145

B. Bajaj Pulsar NS200:

  • Length (mm) – 2017
  • Width (mm) – 804
  • Height (mm) – 1075
  • Ground clearance (mm) – 169
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1363
  • Kerb Weight(kg) – 154 (ABS) 152 (Double Disc)


Both Bajaj bikes have analogue electrical components like speedometer, fuel indicator, and jerk-resistant braking mechanical support. LED taillights and the latest halogen front tube lights are other significant improvements. The bike is known to withstand bumps and hits of typical Indian terrain as well.


Both Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and Pulsar NS 200 have a built-in single-cylinder enabling them to have the best mileage among all the bikes in this range. While Pulsar NS160 draws 17.03 hp from a 160.3 cc single-cylinder, NS200, on the other hand, gets 24.13 hp via a liquid-cooled cylinder having 199.5cc. 

Brakes And Suspension

The front and rear alloy wheels of both these bikes have disc braking system running with a single-channel AWB. It also allows the rider to have a safe driving experience even on rough terrains and hilly areas.

The suspension too is managed smoothly by the front telescopic forks which further guarantees shock-free rides. And for the rear end, there are nitrox mono-shock absorbers that come in-built with the bikes.

Fuel Economy

Both bikes are known to give more or less a similar mileage range. The fuel intake, however, differs slightly owing to some advanced features of NS200. Pulsar NS160 thus shows consumption of 42kmpl while NS200 is generally showing a fuel economy of 32kmpl.


These bikes are very affordable with all the extensive roadster sports bikes’ extensive features. NS160 cost about Rs 1.8 lakhs while the NS200 cost Rs 1.30 lakhs. 

There are easy buying options and EMI loan schemes that the company supports to fulfil the dream of buyers running tight on finances. The new colour variants also have some beneficial buying schemes tagged along.

Which Bike Should You Choose?

The answer depends upon what you’re seeking. While both these motorbikes are pure sports bikes and are a perfect match for that adventurous streak in you, there is a slight difference in their efficiency. 

NS160 is more suited for the smart everyday user and infrequent long adventurous detours. NS200 with its slightly upgraded sports bike features and efficiency is more apt for the thrill rides and frequent bike trips.


Consider your purpose of buying and finances while choosing between these two. Both these bikes are unparalleled in almost all departments, be it looks, work or safety. Pick yours as per your requirements, and have your fair share of unforgettable joy rides.